Corin Hardy directing horror film ‘Every House is Haunted’

Going Deadline we have learned that the director of ‘The Nun’, Corin Hardy will be in charge of a new horror film entitled‘Every House is Haunted’. The medium advances that Netflix has acquired the rights to this project, which will have the production of Sam Raimi.

With a script written by Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman (‘Project Almanac’), the film centers on an insurance investigator who is tasked with debunking the incredible claims that a couple’s death was caused by a haunted house. However, his doubts will be challenged by a psychic and the mysterious events that he witnesses with his own eyes.

Along with Raimi, the film will be produced by Zainab Azizi, the filmmaker’s partner at Raimi Productions, while Roy Lee and Andrew Childs of Vertigo Entertainment are currently attached as executive producers on this horror film.

The film marks Hardy’s first major film project after directing ‘The Nun’ in 2018, a spin-off of ‘The Warren File: The Enfield Affair’ that became a box office hit. After directing this film, the director took charge of several episodes of the crime drama series starring Joe Cole, ‘Gangs of London’, which premiered last year.