Cori Gauff Sofia Kenin Sloane Stephens clay court aspirations

A new and exciting stage in the season opens, although for some tennis players it is still a headache to compete on clay. Although it is true that over the years it is clearly observed how globalization has homogenized all the tracks and reduced the specialists on each surface, the United States remains a not very prolific place to generate women with innate ability to compete on clay. With the dispute of WTA 500 Charleston 2021 on green clay, significantly different from the usual in Europe, the starting gun is given to a phase of the year that three women face with very different objectives, such as Sofia Kenin, Cori Gauff and Sloane Stephens. All of them have shown they can play well on clay, but they are aware that they have room for improvement, as they point out on

Sofia Kenin: “When I was a junior I hated this surface”

Who would have said it by looking at the results of the current world number 4, who became known to the general public by winning at Roland Garros 2019 to Serena Williams and getting into the fourth round. A year later, he signed some creditable semifinals and after a very difficult start to the season in 2021, Kenin looks forward to the next few weeks. “The truth is that lately I am feeling well on this surface. While it is true that cycling last year against Azarenka in Rome uncovered some shortcomings, then I was able to do very well in Paris. I think I can achieve important things this season, although I still have to recover my rhythm, “said a woman who needs to go little by little after having had to be operated on for appendicitis a few months ago.

Cori Gauff: “I try to stay away from social networks, too many people have opinions about me”

Maturity. That is what the precocious talent of world tennis transmits, which continues to burn through stages in its progression and aspires to remove the thorn that it has nailed since last year with Roland Garros, when it fell in the second round against Trevisan in a match that it had dominated. But Coco does not want to put pressure, knowing that she is in a very important learning process. “Too many people are giving their opinions all the time about how I should play and what I should do, that’s why I stay away from social networks. Each one has its own path and I am starting mine, trying to learn from myself and seeing how I want to build my own. career, “he commented.

“It is logical to want remarkable results to arrive soon, but I know that I am in a stage of developing my game and discovering how I want to play and what things I need to improve. As much as in some tournaments I lose earlier than planned, my feeling is that I am improving ostensibly and I am having a more defined game pattern. It is important that I discover how I want to compete and how to build my game to score points, “he said.

Sloane Stephens: “At some point everything is going to change and I will go back to playing as I know”

The deep crisis in which the former US Open winner finds herself does not diminish her self-confidence and hope. Stephens has shown her ability on clay as a finalist at Roland Garros 2018 and wants to feel powerful again. “In this sport everything can change very quickly. I feel like I am in good work dynamics, I have acquired a routine and I am ready to compete. When that happens, you may be having the worst season of your career, but in a moment, you click and everything changes. I know where my game is and what I need to continue working to qualify for something important, “he said.