Corey Taylor anticipates preparing something “massive” with Slipknot

The musician points out that the new news will be released in a month. Photo: Courtesy | Courtesy

In recent months there have been hints about the future plans of the nu metal band Slipknot, which include upcoming concert dates, which they hope to hold during the summer, their new studio album after the release of « We Are Not Your Kind”In 2019, among other things.

Following the expectation of the fans, his vocalist Corey Taylor has anticipated that the group is preparing big news, which will be revealed during the next month.

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It would be during a recent chat with Kerrang! Radio in which Taylor would hint at some of the plans that the members of Slipknot they are preparing at the moment. « There are some things that I can’t talk about, but they are massive, » commented the musician.

I can say this: you will hear about it probably next month so, let’s put it that way.

Taylor He would also share some views on the likelihood that the band could resume touring in 2021 despite the pandemic. « Slipknot is scheduled to tour in U.S at the end of September. We are scheduled to leave and we have not heard that anything is different. We spoke with Live Nation (his concert promoter) every week ”.

The musician would reveal that these presentations, if made, would be carried out under the corresponding restrictions and that everything would depend on how the situation with the pandemic evolves from this point.

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After the launch last year of “CMFT”His debut solo album, Corey Taylor He has expressed interest in various artistic areas, assuring last week his desire to perform a musical, which would be inspired by the people who were with him during his 20’s.