Corey Taylor Announces “Massive” Slipknot News For Next Month

Corey Taylor has previewed some « massive » news from Slipknot that he says will « probably » be released in the next month.

The band are currently looking to the future, with tour dates set for this summer and talking about a follow-up to their 2019 album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ possibly set for a release later this year.

Speaking to Kerrang! Radio this week, Taylor hinted that big news is coming from the Slipknot camp.

« There are some things that are brewing that I can’t talk about, but they are huge, » he said (you can watch the full interview with Taylor below).

« I can say this: you will hear about this probably in the next month or so, let’s put it like that. »

Speaking of the likelihood that the band could carry out their tour plans in 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, the leader said: « Slipknot has a tour of America booked in late September. We have booked out. And we haven’t yet. heard nothing that is different. And we talked to [el promotor de conciertos] Live Nation every week.

« We are aware of all the restrictions, not only in the states, but also at the federal level. Obviously, we are aware of everything and we go from there. »

Last week Taylor said he was considering writing a musical in the near future.

« I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​writing a musical based on the people I spent much of my 20 years with in Des Moines. [Iowa], like my team, and how we all met, how misfits got together and found each other, and how we saved each other, « he explained.