Corey Seager’s explosive start with the Dodgers, MVP numbers

Corey seager has gotten off to an explosive start with Dodgers Los Angeles in the 2021 season. The infielder records numbers of a future Mvp in the Big leagues.

What of Corey seager It is no longer luck, it is work. The baseball player Dodgers has been on since the 2020 season playoffs of the MLB.

The Californians shortstop, records numbers worthy of Mvp, in 12 at-bats to date in the big top, he has three RBIs, eight hits and an average of .667 in the Big leagues.

The account of Dodgers Insider revealed that Corey seager since the previous harvest, it has averaged .323 in the MLB. Without a doubt, he is on and seeing the ball clearly.

To continue like this, Corey seager could be the new Mvp of the National League this season. Also, adding numbers to get a good contract, since at the end of the season, he will become a free agent.