Córdoba: they found the lifeless body of a woman meters from a hospital and are investigating if she was murdered

The Mercy Hospital of Córdoba The Mercy Hospital of Córdoba

During the morning of this Wednesday, the lifeless body of a woman of around 25 years old was found in the vicinity of the Mercy Hospital from the city of Cordova. They are investigating if she was murdered.

The body was found hanging from a tree by a hospital employee in a field about 50 meters from the external offices of the medical center Located in the Cáceres neighborhood from the provincial capital. It was over a ravine, behind a parking lot.

After that, staff of the Homicide Division of the Córdoba Police mounted an operation and worked at the site. Although the Justice did not give further details, Neighbors in the area and on social networks warned that it would be a case of gender violence. They claim that the woman suffered an attack by her partner prior to both heading towards the area where she was later found lifeless.

At the moment no hypothesis is ruled out. The rigorous autopsy will clarify the causes of death.

Ivana Modico has been missing for six days Ivana Modico has been missing for six days

The discovery occurred in the middle of the desperate search for Ivana Modico, who has been missing since last Thursday night in the Cordovan town of La Falda. Following this case, The woman’s boyfriend, Javier Galván, is detained, who was arrested on Monday at the request of the Cosquín prosecutor, Jorgelina Gomez, and it was accused, in principle, of the crimes of “aggravated false testimony and disobedience to authority.”

The arrest arose from the contradictions in the testimonial statement and for violating the distancing order that was imposed months ago, after a complaint that Modica had made for gender violence.

Although it is an exempt crime, the investigators prefer to keep Galván –a pilot from the Córdoba Air Force– detained until the woman can be found.

While the investigation of Galván is awaited for the next few hours, the rakings continue to locate Ivana, with the participation of personnel from the Fire Department, the Police, Civil Defense and other organizations. The search was centralized today in an area of ​​the Dique of that city in the Punilla Valley. On Tuesday afternoon, a new track caused the raking to move to the Pampa de Olaen area, although it had to be suspended due to the torrential rain that broke out there.

According to the researchers, Ivana last communicated with her daughter Nicole last Thursday around midnight, when they exchanged messages with his cell phone. Galván filed the police report for the disappearance on Friday, arguing that he had left for work at 6.30 and when he returned in the afternoon the woman was not at home.

Galván had assured the police that, allegedly, the woman had gone out for a walk in the area of ​​Cerro La Banderita, in La Falda.

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