Córdoba B takes the three points against Los Barrios (8-2)

05/16/2021 at 3:13 PM CEST

The Cordova won 8-2 at The Neighborhoods this Sunday on the last day of the Second Phase of the Third Division, ending their time in the competition with a victory. The Cordoba B arrived with the intention of returning to the path of victory after losing the last game against the Broken by a score of 3-2. For his part, The Neighborhoods lost by a score of 0-4 in the previous match against the Utrera and was on a four-game losing streak. After the result obtained, the Cordoba team is first, while the The Neighborhoods It is fifth after the end of the game.

The first team to score was the Cordoba B, who fired the starting gun at the Municipal New Archangel thanks to the goal of Luismi in the 36th minute. After a new move, the local team increased the score in the 42nd minute through a goal from Dominguez. He reduced distances the The Neighborhoods with a goal from Arona diawara shortly before the end, specifically in 47, concluding the first period with the result of 2-1.

The second half of the match started in a positive way for the Cordoba team, who put more land in between with a goal of Marin moments after the start of the second half, in minute 49. The local team joined again, increasing the income thanks to another goal from Luismi in the 52nd minute. Cordoba B at 60 minutes by means of a Manolillo. Later, the locals scored again thanks to a goal from Alexander Marcelo at 64 minutes to establish 6-1 in favor of Cordova. Subsequently, a new occasion increased the score of the premises through a new goal of Luismi, thus achieving a hat-trick in the 69th minute that left 7-1 for him. Cordova. However, the visiting team cut differences by making it 7-2 through a goal from Bouba in minute 81. However, the Cordoba team increased the score with a goal from Philip just before the final whistle, specifically at 89. Finally, the match ended with an 8-2 score.

During the match, changes were made to both teams. The players of the Cordova who entered the game were Moyano, Manolillo, Philip, Tellado Y From the river replacing Visus, Puga, Gomez, Dominguez Y Luismi, while changes in the The Neighborhoods They were Ruben correro, Kabore, Valdrin Dalipi, Trujillo Y Francesco Contaldo, who entered to supply Nacho bessone, Mamadou, Alberto Ramos, Ekedo Y Adri.

The referee warned with a yellow card to Visus Y Puga by the Cordova already Arona diawara, Kabore Y Adri by the bowl team.

With this result, the Cordova he gets 45 points and the The Neighborhoods with 27 points.

Data sheetCordoba B:Romero, Dominguez (Tellado, min.62), Álex Sánchez, Alejandro Marcelo, Nuñez, Puga (Manolillo, min.54), Guti, Visus (Moyano, min.54), Luismi (Del Rio, min.73), Gómez (Felipe, min.62) and MarínThe Neighborhoods:Nacho Bessone (Ruben Correro, min.46), Adri (Francesco Contaldo, min.70), Mamadou (Kabore, min.46), Ussama, Kaya, Alberto Ramos (Valdrin Dalipi, min.49), Gomez, Bouba, Arona Diawara, Rivero and Ekedo (Trujillo, min. 70)Stadium:Municipal New ArchangelGoals:Luismi (1-0, min. 36), Dominguez (2-0, min. 42), Arona Diawara (2-1, min. 47), Marín (3-1, min. 49), Luismi (4-1 , min. 52), Manolillo (5-1, min. 60), Alejandro Marcelo (6-1, min. 64), Luismi (7-1, min. 69), Bouba (7-2, min. 81) and Felipe (8-2, min. 89)

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