Coraline: The soundtrack you have to listen to

Coraline: you surely saw this movie, and it surely disturbed you, or at least I think so, I don’t think I’m the only one who has been trying for years to wonder if Coraline got caught with the witch or not … or is it just me? I do not think so! We want to show you a jewel of this movie. Nothing more and nothing less than its soundtrack! Only here at Music News!

Well, this movie was released on February 24, 2009! Already many years after its premiere and that curiosity continues to chase us, although if you read the book you surely have the answer. But today we will not focus on the plot, we will focus on the wonderful soundtrack that Coraline offers you and that we all have to listen to!

In these times of pandemic, Coraline is an excellent choice both as a film and as a book and what better way to accompany these activities with the music of the film. Here are the songs that were part of the Coraline movie !!

1. Dreaming- Teri Hatcher

2. Exploration – Laurent Petitgirard

3. Other Father Song – they might be giants

4. Bobinsky- Laurent Petitgirard

5. Fantastic Garden- Laurent Petitgirard

6. Trap for the Mices- Laurent Petitgirard

7. Coraline Fly- Laurent Petitgirard

8. Dreams are Dangerous

As you can tell, practically all the music was made by Laurent Petitgirard, among other artists and musicians.

And what do you think, did the girl leave the world of the other mother or not ???

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