Cops flock to Home Depot in Pennsylvania to stop alleged exorcism

The alleged exorcism took place in the aisle of a Home Depot store in Pennsylvania.

Photo: Joe Raedle / .

Police officers in Pennsylvania had to put order in a Home Depot establishment after a group of people tried to do an exorcism in a corridor of woods.

The fact would have been reported on Monday at about 3:26 pm

Although the details of what happened inside the space for the sale of materials for house construction are not very clear, some data provided by the Dickson City Police Department suggest that a group entered the place to perform an exorcism for the “dead trees”, this in reference to the pieces of wood.

A report on the police department’s Facebook page read: “3:26 pm Commerce Blvd. @ Home Depot by messy people doing an exorcism in the woods corridor for dead trees. They were taken out of the building ”.

There were no arrests in connection with the incident.

Given the lack of data on the participants and the circumstances of the event, some users of the network asked for more information, while others took advantage of the situation to joke about the matter.

“I feel resentful. I wish I could witness an exorcism in the woods corridor at Home Depot. LOL ”, shared a netizen.

“I really hope it was a successful exorcism. Do you envision building a house or a flat with possessed wood? ”Said another user.

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