The Copa MX final between Xolos de Tijuana and Rayados de Monterrey will be played despite the Official cancellation of Closing 2020. The only question for the Liga MX executives is to analyze the date on which these commitments could be carried out without the hypothetical consequence of a new massive contagion by the Covid-19.

One of the problems that has stopped this new date is the location of the Xolos, institution that is located in a city with a high focus of infection. Despite this, ESPN was able to gather that the executives they are not in a hurry to carry out such encounters.

The source cites that there is still no final solution on the possible cancellation -or not- of the Cup tournament for next season. However, it is expected that the measure be adopted in conjunction with what is desired with the following Closing 2020.

Both institutions had been conducting a really poor league tournament in relation to their expectations. For that reason, the final of the Copa MX would represent a balm for the border and the double for Rayados, who won the league title in the previous tournament.

Xolos reached the final after beating the Toluca as a visitor. For his part, Monterrey He came from behind on the global scoreboard to beat Juárez and, thus, place himself in the anteroom of a new title.