Copa América: Colombia requests the suspension of Referee Néstor Pitana after his duel against Brazil

The directive of the Colombian Soccer Federation, requested the suspension to Conmebol by the referee Néstor Pitana, for his terrible performance in the duel of the Coffee Selection against Brazil this Wednesday at the Copa América 2021.

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The FCF asked CONMEBOL to immediately suspend the match referees, as well as recently the Referees Commission suspended two Colombian referees for the serious and manifest error consisting of the annulment of a goal during the World Cup Qualifying match. of the FIFA Qatar 2022 between Uruguay and Paraguay on June 3 “, were the message from Colombia.

Through a press release on its social networks, the Colombian National Team reported on the protest against the Argentine whistler, for the controversial decisions made against him, in the first goal of Brazil, which was a one-goal tie.

From the VAR they even indicated to the referee that the pass of the Brazilian player that bounced off the referee was going to be received by a Colombian. However, the central judge and the VAR referees decided to omit the application of Rule 9 of the game rules, directly affecting the result of the match, “the statement said.

For Colombian managers Néstor Pitana decided to omit rule 9, when it was very clear in that play, so they ask for his suspension as they did with two whistling coffee growers, who made a mistake in a decision in the playoffs.

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