Copa América 2021: Qualified for the quarterfinals; the crosses at the moment

Even with some pending matches of the Group stage, the Copa América 2021 is already sketching what would be the crosses in the Quarterfinal matches that will be played between July 2 and 3, and for which there are already 6 teams classified, remaining only 2 tickets available.

With a new format, the America’s Cup 2021 presents a ‘benevolent’ system of competition in group stage, classifying 8 out of 10 teams, that is, eliminating only 1 national team in each sector.

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At the moment, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay are classified for the next round, with the combined status of Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela remaining to be defined, who will compete for the two available tickets.

The only one eliminated until before the last day is Bolivia, who has a pending match but has not added points in their first three matches.

DAY 5 OF THE GROUP STAGE OF THE AMERICA CUP: Sunday June 27 Brazil vs. Ecuador ET Venezuela vs. Peru Monday June 28 Uruguay vs. Peru Bolivia vs. Argentina THIS IS HOW THE QUARTER-FINALS WOULD BE PLAYED (AT THE TIME) FRIDAY, JULY 2 2B (Colombia) vs. 3 A (Chile) 1B (Brazil) vs. 4 A (Uruguay) SATURDAY 3 JULY 2A (Paraguay) vs. 3B (Peru) 1A (Argentina) vs. 4 B (Ecuador)

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