Refreshing the home without air conditioning is not easy, but neither is it impossible. It is one of the classic summer situations, and it is easier to solve with products like Vornado fans.

Hearing about fans in the summer may not seem like the newest heat-fighting idea, but everything changes if they are like the ones mentioned. Because those designed by Vornado are designed to create air currents that allow to cool an area of ​​the home through its constant circulation.

In contrast to traditional fans, these are small, powerful and are not used to directly focus the emission of air on oneself or the area to be cooled, but on the contrary. How is this possible? The graphics that accompany the heading of this article, as well as the one below these lines, show it clearly: it is make the air in the whole room move constantly, to thus cool the entire surface and not just one point.

Thus, the key to the Vornado is place them in the coldest corner of the room and point to the opposite end, diagonally. Its turning system will then create an air current that will be distributed throughout the room. In our experience, the result is more than satisfactory.

Different models of Vornado

Among the various benefits of Tornado they are found to be cheap, if their utility is taken into account. Thus, it will not be necessary to make a large investment in a portable air conditioner or in the installation of one, being able to get rid of the heat of the summer months with one of these devices. A task for which Cold Pot or portable coolers can also be useful.

As far as these fans are concerned, it is mandatory to mention, first of all, the ZIPPI vornado, foldable and with nylon wings to avoid causing any damage. Ideal to place it on the table or take it on a trip. It has a price of 45 euros.

He Vornado 633, for about 100 euros, is one of the best results in general terms. Its small size allows it to be placed in any space, but it houses a great power to create that “tornado” that we are looking for.

If you want better features, like more power, remote control or an integrated regulator, the Vornado Energy Smart 6303DC can be found now for about € 190.

To cool larger rooms and achieve excellent results, the Vornado M 84 in the form of a tower, for 140 euros, is the recommended choice.

If the previous ones seem too expensive, there are alternatives such as Honeywell HT900E4 for just € 30. The result is not the same, but the price difference is an incentive to try it.

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