Cooksy, the robotic Chicote that tells you off if your food burns and guides you step by step with the recipe | Technology

If you are not good at cooking or want to improve with recipes, Cooksy is a kitchen assistant who watches what you are doing and alerts you if you do it wrong.

The recipe videos are great, but they only tell you what to do. And one thing is the instructions of a professional, and quite another the mess that we later mount in the kitchen …

Almost always, when a recipe goes wrong, it is for one of two reasons: You have not used the correct temperature, or you have not adjusted the time correctly.

And this is where it comes in Cooksy, a kitchen assistant who watches over what you cook and, like a robotic Alberto Chicote, he scolds you if the temperature is too high or too low, if the food burns, or if it has been on the fire too long. You can see it in action in this video:

How does it work Cooksy?

It is placed under the fume hood, or any other metal surface, since it’s magnetic. Has a double rotating chamber that we must guide so that it points to the stoves.

On the one hand a thermal chamber measure the temperature of the pan several times per second. This camera warns you if the temperature is too high or too low, depending on the recipe, or the margins that you indicate.

One second high definition sensor equipped with artificial intelligence record the process and transmit it to your mobile. So you can leave the pan on the fire and go watch TV, while you watch the contents of the pan on your mobile.

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If you ask Cooksy what I taught you how to prepare a recipe, artificial intelligence is able to recognize the products you put in the pan. Depending on the temperature or preparation time It will tell you when you have to add each ingredient, so that everything cooks the exact time and at the right temperature.

Thanks to Cooksy no dish will burn again, nor will it be badly cooked because you have not reached the right temperature, or you have had it on the fire for too little or too long.

What’s more can automatically record recipe videos to upload to social networks or share with other users.

The creators of Cooksy They are looking for financing to manufacture it, in Indigogo. If you are interested it has a price of 322 euros, 40% less than when it is put on sale in stores. They start shipping in October.

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