Cooking with soybean oil reduces the risk of heart disease and regulates cholesterol, according to science

Choosing the best sources of fat is a decisive decision in the daily diet and that directly influences the state of health. Based on this, more and more people are wondering about the best cooking oil alternatives, it is popular knowledge that olive and avocado oil are the healthiest and recommended variants. Especially for its positive impact on heart health. The good news is that there is an incredibly healthy and affordable new option to consider, which in fact has often been quite misunderstood: soybean oil. Soybean oil is one of the most common and least valued variants.

It is a vegetable oil that comes from the pressing of soybeans (Glycine max) and has the peculiarity of being abundant in polyunsaturated fatty acids. The truth is that it is a product that has confused scientists and consumers for years, fortunately today science supports its benefits for promote good cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol. This is suggested by a group of researchers in nutritional sciences from Pennsylvania State University and Texas Tech University, who led a study that has just been published in the journal Nutrition. The researchers pointed out that soybean oil is the most consumed in the United States, however in the world its dangers against its benefits have been an important topic of debate, that has confused consumers and medical professionals for years.

The truth is that soybean oil is a very common ingredient in the food industry in the United States and despite its established cardioprotective effectAs part of the study, it was found that consumers are much less likely to rate soybean oil as healthy. Especially compared to many other oils like olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil The reason? Saturated fat is commonly thought to be the main culprit in heart disease and death.

The researchers relied on comparing information from a few years ago, released in a 2010 study, which revealed that in 80% of the world’s countries, twice as many cases of coronary heart disease are related to inadequate levels of omega-6 polyunsaturated fats (such as those in soybean oil) compared to coronary heart disease rates caused by high levels of saturated fat. The goal was to expose these prevalent misperceptions, so the researchers conducted a analysis of previous studies who examined the health effects of soybean oil, including aspects related to cardiovascular disease prevention, blood lipid (cholesterol) levels, inflammation, stress, and oxidation. After studying various references, the findings indicated that as a polyunsaturated fat, soybean oil not only “It does not affect inflammatory biomarkers or increase oxidative stress”Instead, when soybean oil replaced saturated fat, blood cholesterol levels dropped. Therefore the researchers’ conclusions were compelling: evidence suggests that soybean oil has favorable effects on the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately, these types of discoveries are a great ally in establishing new dietary recommendations and breaking myths that have been established for years. Today we know that soybean oil is a healthy option, highly accessible and with immensely versatile uses, which also works in the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases What are you waiting to integrate it into your daily routine? You will not regret it and you will probably save on household expenses.

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