Cooking with Marijuana: How to Succeed in the Attempt

Cannabis cooking experts recommend infusing the herb in oil or butter.

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Cannabis edibles are becoming more and more popular. There are even pop-up restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of cannabis-infused foods. The advantage that certified-of-analysis (COA) packaged products have as with seasoned chefs is that they have accurate dosing. If you want to enjoy the experience of cooking your own food with cannabis, there are some basic tips that experts share that you should keep in mind.

Cooking with marijuana

1. Know the strain

The ideal is to know the strain that you will use for your recipe; Better yet, know the exact THC content. The Green Brand recommends using strains with medium THC levels if you are new to cannabis edibles.

You must bear in mind is that the different varieties of cannabis provide different flavor. “California Blue Dream cannabis tends to have sweeter flavor notes that work well in a creme brûlée, while OG Kush is spicier and can be added to strong sauces like mole,” Healthline shares.

2. Heating the marijuana

The key when cooking with marijuana is that it should always be preheated to convert raw THC-A into psychoactive THC. Cannabis only produces a psychoactive effect when exposed to heat such as smoking, vaporizing, or cooking. When marijuana is heated, it produces a series of reactions known as decarboxylation.

For decarboxylation, the herb must be baked. Optimal temperatures are 105-120 ° C. “Cannabis starts to derail at 104 ° C after about 35-45 minutes of cooking; cannabinoids will begin to degrade from 148 ° C, so you should not let it reach that temperature at any time, nor should you bake your weed for more than an hour, ”says The Green Brand.

You can wash cannabis before baking it, cannabinoids do not dissolve in water.

3. Infuse marijuana

Cannabinoids can be infused with fatty substances such as butter, oil, milk, etc.

Cannabis cooking experts recommend infusing your cannabis and not overheating it to avoid a more sedative effect. “This will help stretch your cannabis and make it that much more delicious.”Says Daniel Winer, director of marketing for a cannabis retail store.

When finished you must sift the herb from the mixture so that there are no pieces.

When cooking with marijuana, the flavor of the herb should be minimized and masquerade as a potent flavor can ruin the balance and flavor of what could have been an excellent dish. To this end, there are those who use denser oils such as coconut oil.

4. Don’t exaggerate the amounts

Since edibles take longer to kick in (than when marijuana is smoked), people can consume more to feel the effects more quickly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that “this can lead to people consuming very high doses and cause negative effects such as anxiety, paranoia and in rare cases, an extreme psychotic reaction.”

The effects of marijuana in edibles tend to last longer and be more intense. For people new to the cannabis edibles experience, it is advisable to start with doses of 5 milligrams of THC and wait at least an hour to evaluate the psychoactive effects. The effects tend to appear between 30 and 90 minutes, this depends not only on the amount of drug but also on the metabolism of the user.

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