The pasta It is a very Italian preparation. However, each country, society, cook, has chosen its own recipe, ingredients and tastes. In addition to being rich, it provides a lot of energy, making it a good lunch option.

Today we bring a recipe of Spaghetti a la carbonara. It is a juicy, fast and very cheap pasta. In 15 minutes, you will be with your family, friends or alone at the table, enjoying this dish. Take a photo of it and be everyone’s envy!

Gourmet cuisine: prepare spaghetti a la carbonara.


Boiling water for pasta, 1.5 l
Bacon, 250 g
Spaghetti, 200 g
Powdered cured cheese, 50 g (the more the better …)
Bay leaves, 2
Eggs, 2
Garlic clove, 1
Salt to taste
Black pepper, to taste


We boil the pasta: we fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Optionally, we can add two bay leaves. Cook the pasta to your liking. Generally, 8-10 minutes is sufficient, depending on the manufacturer.
Then, fry garlic and bacon: we take a pan with some depth. We heat over medium heat. Add the butter and just start to melt, spread it over the entire surface. Pour the chopped garlic clove to taste. We give a couple of wiggles so that the flavor of the butter filters well into the garlic. Just take color, add all the bacon. Fry until it takes a bronze tone, generously toasted.
Integrate pasta with the bacon: the pasta must be practically cooked, since it will finish making completely in the pan. Hence they are 7 minutes instead of 8. The last minute is given on the pan. Thus, we bring the pot closer to the pan and use tongs or a pasta spoon to transplant the spaghetti directly on the pan. Once integrated, we remove everything so that the fat from the bacon covers the entire pasta like an ointment. Depending on the fat and butter, if you see it very dry, we take a saucepan and pour a little of the water over the pan where we have cooked the spaghetti. We remove so that everything mixes well, the pasta finishes drinking this broth and the liquids evaporate.
Integrate the egg: we turn off the fire. We beat the eggs in a bowl and add pepper to taste, a pinch of salt and a little cheese powder. We mix. We pour the magic on the pan and stir. With the heat of the pan, the egg will curdle slightly. We withdraw.
Serve: add black pepper on top and plenty of sprinkled cheese.