With the appearance of Covid-19 in our lives, we find ourselves immersed in the era of virtual learning. Education, companies and institutions must know how to adapt to the new situation now that the course begins again. Many classes and meetings will continue to be remotely via video call.

NeuralCam comes to improve your video calls

The clarity of the camera for video calls, maybe work or class calls are the main need of the hour. But almost all webcams have 720p or 1080p resolutions with poor color accuracy and light performance. Understand the market you want to attack this NeuralCam it’s simple, introduce an application that turns an iPhone into a “smart webcam” improving in many aspects to the traditional.

When making video calls, work or class calls, camera image quality is the main requirement. Currently most webcams have a resolution of 720p or 1080p, and color accuracy and light performance are often poor.

This is where this app that we are going to present you has found a market. NeuralCam is based on an application that turns the iPhone into a “smart webcam”, what enhances the traditional webcam in many ways. Its function is to combine the front camera of an iPhone with artificial intelligence to create a video sequence After installing the iOS application and the corresponding driver on Mac (Windows compatibility will be available soon) the iPhone transmits a live feed to your computer .

Increased image quality with NeuralCam for iPhone Increased image quality with NeuralCam for iPhone NeuralCam

At that time, the system performs real-time machine learning, achieving improvements in image quality. All the Video Processing It is controlled on the device rather than on the computer, and the company is developing iOS code so that third-party streaming and video calling apps can control the enhancements.

NeuralCam Main Features

One of the most interesting features is the “style” and “enhancement” of the application, since they allow computers to offer live video with facial smoothing, various color filters similar to Instagram, and low-light enhancements that brighten videos recorded in dark environments. Adjustments can be made before starting a video chat.

Another feature of the application is “recognition”, which among other things allows NeuralCam Live Instantly blur the camera output if it detects facial touches or nudity. The recognition also enables “head bubble” and “circular light” modes that automatically locate the face and darken or whiten everything except a circle around the head.

Increased image quality with NeuralCam for iPhone Increased image quality with NeuralCam for iPhone NeuralCam

Free app with the possibility of subscription with extra features

The NeuralCam Live app freeWith almost all of its core features unlocked, the company is offering a low-cost annual subscription. Currently support is still limited on Mac video conferencing apps: Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are supported, but Apple’s native FaceTime isn’t yet, nor is Mac’s Safari browser. The company says you can use Chrome, Firefox, and any app. conference room that supports “virtual webcams”.