If you have come to this article, you will surely need to know and convert any of the audio ports of your computer into a USB port. Specifically, you must be needing to convert the headphone connection to USB for some reason and you don’t know how to do it. We will then show you the tools, tips and steps that you should take into account to convert your headphone connection to USB.

Tips and tools you should know before converting your headphone connection to USB

You should know first that there are up to three different ways to connect any audio device to your Windows 10 computer. These are through USB, Bluetooth or the audio connector itself. In the case of Bluetooth, you do not require a physical port, since it is a wireless connection, unlike the connection via connecting cable or USB.

There are also special adapters that can facilitate your task of converting a headphone connection to USB like the one that we will show you in the image below.

Here are the steps you need to follow to convert your headphone connection to USB on your computer.

Connect your headphones, speakers or even a microphone to the designated input port indicated by the converter.

You will know which is indicated by the symbols of headphones or microphone, because, for the former it is output, while for the latter it is input.

Once you have established the connections in the converter, connect it to one of the available USB ports on your computer.

You should now hear the “new hardware found” alert notice. Wait for your computer’s operating system to have the device ready so you can use it.

Once you have prepared the device on your computer, go and open the “Control Panel”. Then go to the location “Hardware and sound” and then click on “Sound”.

Finally, go to the “Recording and Playback” panels in a particular way in each one and check if you have read the USB audio device. Select the same, first by right-clicking on the device and choose the option “Set as default” from the menu that appears.

You should now have converted your headphone connection to USB on your computer and you can use it to record or play audio. Everything will depend on whether you previously connected a microphone or headphones properly.

USB headphone connectionUSB headphone connection

Final comments

As you saw throughout the article, there is more than one way to connect audio devices. These are the Bluetooth wireless and the connection cable, be it audio or USB. If you want to convert any of these connections such as headphones to USB, you must follow the previously indicated steps. As long as you have a respective connection adapter with which to carry out the procedure, otherwise you will not be able to do so.

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