Converse and Office Depot launch advertising agencies and strategies

The health contingency has maximized the design of creative advertising strategies, which have managed to innovate in the market, due to the communication that brands such as Converse have reached.

A patent element in the work of agencies and brands like Converse, is the one that has to do with the communication they design in the market.

Among the aspects that are attracting the attention of brands, one aspect of great help is that which has to do with innovation.

Innovating has become a key task and in advertising it is the rule to follow, which is why more and more innovative tasks have had to be carried out, because to the extent that they manage to do so, it is how work references are established that have helped innovate the way brands communicate, as Office Depot and Converse have shown.

“Sometimes it is believed that the retail world cannot get out of promotional codes. We believe that Office Depot has a key role to play in people’s lives that has been accentuated by the context we all live in.

Starting from his essence as a leader, we seek to make him the number one ally of people, with the ambition to ensure that each taking of the floor, by promoting promotion and sales, is a participant in the construction of the brand “, he explained Luis Gaitan, president and CCO of GRAY México, on the alliance with this chain of stores.

As for Converse, Jessica Salado, Director of Business and Integration of McCann Panama, assured that they were “very excited to add this brand to our family; Not only because it is one that we have worn and loved for a long time, but because it speaks to a group that owns today and tomorrow.

Having the opportunity to help them achieve and exceed their business objectives in Central America, the Caribbean and some countries in South America excites us and poses a challenge that we will face together with our entire regional team, thanks to our open architecture model that has been McCann Worldgroup has promoted more than 10 years ”.

Creativity in contingency

Contingency has become the biggest creative scenario in which brands have to carry out their best strategies, since the entire operation they carry out depends on them.

An indication that tells us how creativity is tremendously powerful is the ability of brands to be able to adapt to the reality that is lived and in the midst of this reality, establish new work standards such as those that warn us of the possibility that it has a brands to innovate and do so thinking about the reality of the consumer.

Brands facing the challenge of communicating

Communicating has become a challenging task amid the current contingency and brands have joined increasingly critical challenges, which take their brands to new levels of interaction.

Faced with these tasks, it has become essential to understand the value of creativity because this is how better marketing campaigns and strategies are established, which serve brands in their digital branding and in this ability that the consumer has to innovate in the market .

Brand-consumer interaction

The relationship of brands with consumers has become every time they have approached through means with which their closeness to the consumer is further patented.

As expected, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability that brands find to innovate, especially when they manage to understand all the data that emerges from a simple interaction on channels such as networks.

That said, digital advertising has emerged as an area with a potential for billions of dollars and a unique influence on the consumer.

Key elements in the market

There are several elements that are key in the market where we have been able to realize a series of aspects that serve to innovate in the way brands interact with each other.

Faced with this series of challenges, a common element is that which has to do with the standards that are being followed in the market and that help us understand the value of understanding consumption and, most importantly, the ability of a brand to be innovative, hence the alliance you make with the right advertising agency is vital.

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