Conversational commerce, the sales channel that companies are already exploring

April 4, 2021 | 5:00 am

Conversational commerce is the new sales channel that companies will exploit with a view to increasing their sales.

Through a message on platforms such as WhatsApp or Apple Business Chat, the client can see, choose and buy the products they want, with the advantage of being a personal and fast channel for the client and that is gaining more and more followers.

Companies will move to the channels where their customers are and they are in messaging channels. We will see that this path will be accelerated and the experiences will be more comprehensive

said Martín Urrutia, co-CEO of Auronix, a company that sells its connection services between companies and clients through messaging channels.

Instant messaging applications more than doubled their footprint in people’s time in 2020, due to the pandemic in Latin America: they went from having a total consumption of 681 minutes in September 2019 to 1,543 minutes in the same month of 2020, from according to a ComScore study.

However, the trend will not slow down once mobility restrictions are relaxed as vaccination around the world progresses.

“91% of people seek to interact with companies as well as with their friends, through a chat. The pandemic greatly accelerated the need and what we see is that it came to stay ”, commented Urrutia.

There are three benefits for companies: savings, being 85% cheaper compared to attending or generating experiences through calls, changing a customer service channel to a sales channel and being able to give the customer a shopping experience.

Auronix’s clients in Mexico are Chedraui, Price Shoes, Total Play, Estafeta and Betterware, among others. For each client, he designs a personalized service, depending on their needs.

According to estimates by the CEO of the technology company, the company will have a growth of between 30% to 50% in sales this year, thanks to the new alternatives that companies are looking for.

Social networks are also the sideboard of companies to sell

The connection through these platforms gives consumers a feeling of trust, as it is a channel that users feel their own.

In Brazil, the perception of trust is 76%, while in the United States it is 69%, according to a study by Yalo, a global company that helps companies manage customer relationships through messaging apps.