Controversy with ‘A promising young woman’: A cis man dubs Laverne Cox in Spain, Italy and Germany

The Oscar-winning film ‘A Promising Girl’ has met with controversy in the international market. Specifically in three countries in Europe where Laverne Cox has been dubbed by a cis man.

One of them is Spain. David Hernán has been in charge of giving Gail a voice in Spanish, friend of Carey Mulligan’s character and her boss at the coffee shop where she works. Hernán also voiced the actress in ‘Orange Is the New Black’, a character that made her famous and made her a fundamental pillar for the visibility of the trans community in the industry and in the world. In Italy and Germany Cox has also been dubbed by a cis man in Emerald Fennell’s film, but only in Italy will they be able to act in time because it had not yet reached theaters. In our country it has been in theaters since mid-April. It was there that a promotional clip uploaded to YouTube aroused the ire of the trans community, who have come to consider it “an insult” and “a direct act of violence.”

Universal asks for forgiveness and rectifies

Universal Pictures, the film’s distributor, has issued a statement (via The Guardian) in which they apologize to Laverne Cox and the trans community: “We are deeply grateful to Laverne Cox and the transgender community for opening our eyes to a trend that neither Not even many in our industry had acknowledged it. Although there was no malicious intent behind this bug, we are working diligently to fix it. We have started re-recording Miss Cox’s voice with female actresses in our international territories and delayed releases to ensure the correct version is available.. We are sorry for the pain caused but we are grateful that we can address this situation in this film and prevent similar mistakes from happening again in future projects. “

In the case of Spain, where it is unfeasible at this point to withdraw the film from theaters, the character of Laverne Cox will be dubbed again for the launch of ‘A promising young woman’ in domestic and digital format. In Italy they have delayed the premiere of the film to eliminate the voice of Roberto Pedicini and use a voice actress.

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