Controversy served: Meunier considers it more special to win the European Championship than the World Cup

The European teams have won the last four World Cups.

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There has always been a rivalry between confederations. Only selections from the Conmebol and UEFA have been able to lift the World Cup trophy. However, the Belgian footballer, Thomas meunier He was quite blunt with his statements. The winger considers that the Eurocup has more value than the World Cup.

Winning the Euro is even more rewarding than winning the World Cup, in view of the equipment and the level shown. Winning the European Championship is like being a world champion. The best teams are European and the biggest players, except Brazil, they are all in europe“Said the soccer player in a statement to RTBF, released by ..

Without a doubt, it is an opinion that generates a lot of controversy. The player of the Borussia of Dortmund he was criticized for his statements. Clearly, in recent tournaments there has been a dominance of the UEFA teams, in the soccer world cup. However, Meunier left out of his analysis the World Cups obtained by the selection of Uruguay and the team that has one of the best footballers in the world: Lionel Messi’s Argentina.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that UEFA representatives have won the last four World Cups: Germany 2006 (Italy), South Africa 2010 (Spain), Brazil (2014) Germany and Russia 2018 (France).

Teams that have won a World Cup

In this line, the representatives of the European continent have an advantage. However, it is shown that, up to now, No other confederation has been able to lift this trophy further than the UEFA and Conmebol teams.

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