Controversy over the “occupiers”, a phenomenon without restraint

By Marco Bustamante

It is a growing phenomenon, but sadly we are getting used to an outrage: the stories about occupied houses by unknown people. They call it the « Boom Occupy » and the reasons abound. It is that the stories are repeated over and over again as if they were scripted: a poor neighbor who changes the lock of what was his house all his life, which is accompanied by an irremediable feeling of helplessness, because they perceive that the The State does not protect private property, and the uncertainty of not knowing if one day they will be able to return to their homes. People who are left on the street, often taken out by force, are left in a dark limbo from which they do not know if they will ever leave. They lost their home, their belongings and their dignity, the usurped lost everything. Justice: well thank you.

« Loot, usurp, and then sell it »

At San Pedro neighborhood, at the corner of El Trigo and Cañuelas, we find an example of occupied property. Belonged to LauraI say « belonged » because another family from the neighborhood ransacked the place and now these same people have entered the house and refuse to leave. The owner is desperate and says that this is her modus operandi: « They rob you, they usurp you and then they sell it, » and adds: « They waited for my father to die to take the house from us. » When we went to check the story, we couldn’t get to the place. When we got out of the car to talk to the neighbors, a group of violent men began to insult us and throw things at us. Something that verifies, in a way, what it says Laura.

« If he dies, I get in »

In Rodrigo de Triana 2033, between Agüero and Güemes, San Miguel, we found a small property that legitimately belongs to two brothers who recently lost their mother and which was taken over by neighbors in the area. The « occupiers » have quadricycles, vans and houses in a seaside resort; the busy ones, just debts and little else. With this modality of «you die, I get in«, they have already entered two properties in the neighborhood. People who know them are outraged: « After they settled in, you don’t take them out anymore, they don’t need the houses they take, they do it to have more, that’s all ». On the other hand, Gabriel and Antonella, the two young people who are currently on the street, continue to work, mourn in silence for their mother and try to return home. They lived there for twenty years, today they have nothing. We were able to talk to the usurper, Rule, and confessed that he entered the house because there was no one and had no problems vomiting a forceful phrase: « I occupied it because I do not ask permission to progress. Speechless.

They usurped it and put a dining room

In Los Hornos, town of La Plata, Another way to keep a house: a woman falsely accused a 12-year-old son of a man of rape. The indignation of the neighborhood left them in the street and the usurpers put in the place a dining room. The accusation came to nothing, because the complainant had absolutely no evidence to prove what allegedly happened. Jorge, the victim, today with one hand behind and the other forward, dreams of recovering his home. Time flies, Irma, the complainant, would have tried to sell the land on at least two occasions.

They sell them and then claim them

In Guernica, party of President Perón, south of the province of Buenos Aires, there is a strange situation. A house located in Catamarca between Sarmiento and Moreno is the subject of an endless dispute. A family that sold their property to move to another province decided to cancel the operation unilaterally and wants to get their house back, but they do not intend to return the money they received at the time. Between screams and crossed accusations, the one who claims is an alleged pai umbanda that, say the neighbors, « threw jobs at everyone. » The one who lives in the house is a humble baker who in times of pandemic became the hero of the neighborhood because he gave bread to everyone. These people have already applied this modality in at least two other occasions.