Controversy arises over dubbing the protagonist of Soul with white actors

The new Disney Pixar film boasts countless qualities for which it has earned the hearts of the public, for example, the moving message of its story or the masterful detail in the animation. It also boasts of being the first collaborative feature film by those great companies to have a African American protagonist; a very pertinent decision in these times when seeking greater representation of previously ignored communities. That said, it will come as no surprise that controversy has emerged due to the dubbing of Soul, in certain regions of the world, used white actors to give voice to the musician Joe gardner.

According to a recent article in The New York Times, the dubbing of Soul in several European countries has allowed white actors to give voice not only to the protagonist but also to other African-American characters featured in the film.

The above situation, according to reports, has led to strong criticism in nations such as Denmark. There, the white-skinned actor Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Angels and demons) was responsible for dubbing the New York pianist and, in the face of the controversy, defended his signing through Facebook arguing that the work should be obtained by « the man or woman who can do it in the best possible way », regardless of their skin color.

On the other hand, an activist denied that a lack of appropriate talent (coinciding with Joe Gardner’s features) could be justified in the Scandinavian country, since there was participation of actors of color in the Danish dubbing, but only in small roles of the movie.

Paying priority attention to the ethnic or racial aspect of a character, when giving him a voice, obviously becomes difficult in regions where the corresponding attributes are a minority in the population. SlashFilm exemplifies with the cases of Japan and South Korea, which are « mostly homogeneous » as far as their respective inhabitants are concerned.

Returning to the European map and moving in a southwesterly direction, we arrive at Portugal, where likewise – in the matter of Soul – a controversy has arisen over the discord between actor and character. TNYT reports that there is even a request for the dubbing of the Pixar film to be carried out again in the Iberian nation, but with histrions of color, explaining that « this film is not just another film, and representation matters. » By the beginning of this week, the document would have already collected more than 17,000 signatures.

Soul, with the African American Jamie Foxx in the original voice of the stubborn Joe Gardner, is part of the Disney Plus Latin America catalog. Come here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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