A month ago, a poster released by Netflix to advertise the premiere of Cuties it put the platform – as well as the film – at the center of the controversy. For countless people, this unfortunate poster promoted pedophilia by hypersexualize eleven-year-old girls, in addition to suggesting that the announced film had a similar intention. Thus, long before its streaming premiere (which took place this week), the feature film directed by Maïmouna Doucouré was involuntarily added to the list of film productions with controversial roles for children.

See below a selection of ten films that were controversial due, among other things, to the mature or risque roles that fell on children or adolescents in the cast.

The Exorcist (Dir. William Friedkin, 1973)

Probably the « icing on the cake » in the chilling narrative of The Exorcist is that the horrors start from a little girl. The actress Cute blair (thirteen years old at the time of filming) gave life to the little Regan MacNeil, who after being possessed by a demon becomes a foul-mouthed, violent and gradually monstrous entity.

But the dialogues and actions of the actor, required by the script, were not the only controversial element. It also happened that Blair suffered serious injuries while filming and there are even reports that she developed scoliosis from the levitation scene.

Taxi Driver (Dir. Martin Scorsese, 1976)

At 12, the rising star Jodie foster gave life to a young prostitute named Iris, and it is understandable that such a role by itself set off some alarms. However, there was also the detail that she (in character) had to witness the iconic and highly graphic final shooting of the film.

In addition to the above, the production team adopted the necessary procedures to ensure that Foster was mentally prepared for her role. The actor was subjected to psychological tests prior to filming and also received a detailed explanation about the makeup and special effects with which that massacre would be solved.

Pretty girl (Dir. Louis Malle, 1978)

Also at twelve, the actress Brooke shields she played a girl from the early 20th century who, living in a brothel with her prostitute mother, is finally dragged into the business despite her young age. Later she ends up being married to a thirty-year-old man.

Although the controversy became inevitable because of its focus on child prostitution, the truth is that the film received favorable reviews. On the other hand, one trait that earned him widespread condemnation – even one columnist called it « child pornography » – was showing real nudes of a preteen Shields on camera.

The Evil Angel (Dir. Joseph Ruben, 1993)

In an apparent set of translations, « my poor little angel » turned out to be « the evil angel » when director Joseph Ruben awarded Macaulay Culkin (twelve years old) a role completely mired in psychopathy.

Far from showing a boy giving a cartoonish lesson to two thieves, the thriller The Good Son (original title) puts Culkin in the shoes of a malevolent character who, among other things, plans the murder of his family and intentionally causes a multiple crash. on the freeway.

As a curious fact, it is said that the actor’s father demanded that 20th Century Fox give the role to Macaulay. If not, it would not appear in Home Alone 2.

Kids, lives lost (Dir. Larry Clark, 1995)

For his portrayal of the vicious New York youth of the mid-1990s, director Larry Clark turned to non-professional actresses and actors, mostly based in the great metropolis, to tell a story marked by drugs, HIV and sex. without protection.

The main cast (which featured the newcomer Rosario Dawson) was made up of young people who, on average, were around 16 years of age. They starred in a series of extreme situations, linked to the risky lifestyle of their characters and also to criminal acts such as rape.

Some critics dissatisfied with Kids even said that it was testing the limits with child pornography.

The Perfect Killer (Dir. Luc Besson, 1994)

By way of a film debut, a Natalie Portman Twelve-year-old gave life to the tragic Mathilda Lando, who yearns to take revenge on the DEA agent responsible for killing her family. Thus, throughout the film, we see the young woman with several firearms in hand (shooting, training or even pointing to the head), coupled with a couple of scenes of her smoking. And, of course, we cannot fail to mention the love interest that he boasts towards his mentor, Leon, a professional assassin in his forties.

Portman long ago revealed that he suffered from « sexual terrorism » after the film was released. According to her statements, at the time she received an e-mail from a man where he exposed a sexual fantasy and even a radio medium counted the days until it was legal to sleep with her.

Lolita (Dir. Adrian Lyne, 1997)

Based on the controversial novel by Vladimir Nabokov, it was predictable that the film Lolita would inherit a tendency toward controversy. The history? A middle-aged teacher, Humbert Humbert, discovers that he is sexually attracted to his landlady’s pubescent daughter.

In the film of the 90s, the actor Dominique swain (15 years old) gave life to that « nymphet » named Dolores, who on several occasions suggests the protagonist in a provocative way.

Unlike the adaptation forged by Stanley Kubrick (released in 1962), Adrian Lyne’s version showed greater attachment to the sexual content of the novel. This led to it having trouble securing a distributor and eventually making its television debut, with a subsequent limited run in US theaters.

At thirteen (Dir. Catherine Hardwicke, 2003)

Inspired by the screenwriter’s puberty Nikki reed, she and the principal wrote this movie about a high school student who is involved in the world of drugs, sex and crime. In the main roles were Evan Rachel Wood and Reed herself, who at the time of filming were fourteen years old.

As you can imagine, controversy emerged over Thirteen’s (original title) focus on underage drug use and sexual behavior. However, the film earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, as well as receiving an award at the Sundance Festival.

Hounddog (Dir. Deborah Kampmeier, 2007)

This coming-of-age drama follows a young girl who suffers the ravages of a neglectful and abusive family. But this situation is further aggravated when she is sexually abused by an acquaintance, causing trauma and illness.

Although devoid of nudity, the rape scene was excessively controversial both for the public and for the critics, due to the fact that it was carried out by a very young actress. At the time of filming, Dakota Fanning he was exactly twelve years old as his character.

« It’s a movie and it’s called ‘acting’, » the actress later went on to say in rejection of those criticisms (via). «I wanted to make the film because I thought that I could help a person who has happened to [ser violada], help her overcome adversity in her life. « 

Kick-Ass: A superhero without superpowers (Dir. Matthew Vaughn, 2010)

At just eleven years old, the rising star Chloë Grace Moretz She became the soul of Kick-Ass thanks to her portrayal of the superhero Hit-Girl. This is not just a little killing machine, but she turns out to be the most foul-mouthed character in the entire movie … and she’s the only girl in a sea of ​​adults and teens!

Moretz’s performance was generally acclaimed, but this did not mean that everyone was satisfied that she was taking on such a violent and vulgar role in the first place. Noted critic Roger Ebert called the film offensive, condemning the sequence in which Hit-Girl is beaten down (and nearly killed) by a mobster.

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