Controversial cause that claimed that only those who tithe will be saved from the coronavirus

A New Zealand pastor named Brian Tamaki has sparked controversy after he claimed in one of his most recent sermons that only those who pay tithe will be saved from the coronavirus.

Pastor Tamaki indicated that, based on Psalm 91 of the Bible, “Christians who believe in it, tithe and take the Holy Spirit with them” are “protected” against covid-19.

Tamaki is a leader of the Church of Destiny, a Pentecostal Christian organization in New Zealand; Also in his speech he pointed out that “God allows epidemics, plague and famine” when people have turned away from the faith.

“This latest coronavirus is a little round thing like a tennis ball with little spikes. It has to reach the lungs. It’s what makes it so dangerous. It reaches the lungs and then begins to mutate the cells in the lungs and eats it, ”explained Tamaki in his sermon broadcast on the church’s website.

“The prince of the power of the air, Satan, is in control of the atmospheres, unless you are a born again believer, lover of Jesus, believer in the Bible, filled with the Holy Spirit and paying tithes. You are the only one who can walk through atmospheres and you literally have protection – the protection policy of Psalm 91 around you, ”Tamaki added.