Control Z: Better than Elite? Netflix’s New Teen Drama Series | Netflix Special

Z control is the new mexican series and Netflix original production that has given a lot to talk about during these days since its premiere on the platform. It all started when Netflix from your official social media account made a suggestion for followers who like to watch Gossip Girl.

Immediately, began to attract the attention of users and consumers of the Netflix streaming platform by offering a combination of several elements in a single series: teens, drama, mysteries, technology, intrigue and addiction. The perfect shape so Netflix has us eating from their hand with the Control Z series. In addition to that celebrities like Esther Expósito They have recommended it on social networks.

Control Z is a series that tells the story of a group of teenagers who attend the National College as a hacker slowly begins to reveal his secrets. From the hand of our protagonist, Sofía, who is a very intelligent and observant student, begins to collect the pieces and clues to discover who is the hacker who terrorizes the National College.

The Netflix series; Control Z has given a lot to talk about Because it touches current issues within youth, such as the use of technology, the information we keep on our cell phones, bullying, bullying, mental health and depression.

Who are the protagonists of the Control Z series?

Control Z has a cast of actors who have gradually earned their place Within the industry, while some have made themselves known in Mexican movies, others take the first step on the small screen.

Ana Valeria Becerril

It is he who stars in Sofia in the Control Z series, the 23-year-old actress is known for her role as Valeria in the film by Michel Franco, who She also won an Ariel Award for Best Actress in Female Revelation.

Michael Ronda

He is a Mexican actor known for his role as Simón Álvarez in the Disney Channel series; I’m Luna and now plays Javier Williams the son of a famous footballer in the Netflix series Control Z.

Macarena García

She is a Mexican actress known for her participation in different Mexican television projects such as Amor bravío, As the saying goes, Muy Padres, Like (along with Yankel Stevan and Andres Baida), Without fear of the truth, The chosen ones, 100 days to fall in love and now Control Z

Fiona Palomo

Fiona Palomo is the daughter of the beloved and late actor Eduardo Palomo and Carina RiccoThe 23-year-old actress has already taken her first steps into acting in a movie with Mauricio Ochmann and also her first role in a Netflix series on Control Z.

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