“Control” could be on Xbox Game Pass in December

Control could come to Game Pass Coming soon | 505 Games

The acclaimed game « Control » by 505 Games from 2019 could soon join the list of Xbox Game Pass, according to a cryptic new trailer.

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The official account of Xbox Game Pass in Twitter shared a screenshot of an internal email on Monday, November 30 which reflects the month of November for the serviceas well as a preview of what’s to come in December.

The email began with a message of congratulations to the Xbox team for the arrival of EA Play on consoles, and most importantly, the launch of the Xbox Series X and S.

Then he referred to games aimed at Xbox Game Pass in December, highlighting one game in particular. However, the game’s title was worded in bold red, and the email noted that « Fans will not stop mentioning » the game. The teaser also referenced a gif with « Ominous red light » that was sent to the team.

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Even if the next game turns out to be « Control », currently it remains to be seen whether Xbox Game Pass will offer players access to « Ultimate Edition » or just the base version.

The Ultimate Edition includes the base game, as well as all post-launch updates and expansions.