Continues to grow! California Lake Tahoe fire hits Nevada

15 minutes. The fire near the popular Lake Tahoe, one of the largest of dozens in California, USA, was fueled throughout the early hours of Thursday by strong winds blowing in the area.

He has already crossed the border and reached the neighboring state of Nevada.

The Tamarack fire, as it was baptized, forced the evacuation of thousands of people from an area with a large tourist presence.

More than 20,000 hectares have been burned, since a lightning strike caused it on July 4.

This was reported by the United States Forest Service.

This is the first fire of the season to cross the California-Nevada border.

It is a natural division formed by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the main source of water for both states.

This year it is in a situation of extreme dryness after a winter with much less precipitation than usual.

The flames forced sections of Highway 395 in Nevada, one of the busiest in the state, to be cut.

This road connects the cities of Reno and Carson City with California.

Despite having more than 1,200 firefighters working on it, the emergency services only managed to contain the fire by 4%.

They do not plan to have it fully under control until the end of August.

Parallel to Lake Tahoe, there are other large fires in California and the rest of the western United States.

The country is experiencing a summer of extreme heat, which, coupled with the drought, pushed the fire season forward by several months.

In Oregon, the fire dubbed the Bootleg has already burned more than 161,000 hectares since it was declared in early July.

It destroyed 117 human buildings and has more than 2,300 firefighters fighting the flames.

This fire is the largest of all those currently active in the US.

It is so big that earlier this week, the authorities explained that it already generates its own weather conditions.

This situation makes the work of firefighters difficult.

The fire affects a mountainous and vegetated area in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Firefighters do not expect to have it fully contained until early October.

In addition to those of Tamarack and Bootleg, another of the fires that worries the most is Dixie’s.

The latter takes place in California near the town of Paradise.

It is suspected that it was caused by a failure in a power line, although the investigation remains open.

The fire has burned 40,400 hectares and could only be contained by 17%.

For the residents of Paradise it brings back the worst memories, since the city was devastated in 2018 by the deadliest fire in the history of California, in which 85 people died.

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