Contest with a meme or video about pensions and win 80 thousand pesos

In order to know how, from young to young, you would communicate the importance of thinking about your future and saving for your retirement, the Asociación Mexicana de Administradoras de Fondos para el Retiro, A.C. (Amafore) published the rules of the contest « Thinking about retirement is a matter for young people », in which you can win up to 80 thousand pesos.

The contest is aimed at young people 18 to 29 years old (although there is no maximum age to participate), and the objective is to reward the best idea by imagining how you could have a better retirement with the help of your savings in the Afores.

Amafore invites young people to participate. Photo: Reformation The contest has two categories:

1. Make a video

This category seeks to reward the creativity, ingenuity and talent of young people, who through a video, which they must upload to their social networks, for example Tik Tok, explain in a fun way about the importance of thinking about the future and saving for when it arrives the time of your retirement.

2. Make a meme or gif

In this second category, young people must create a funny image or gif with the same purpose: to invite other people to think about the future and save for retirement.

Those interested can participate in both categories and that each one will be awarded independently. The bases to participate in the contest are:

The material that young people register to participate must be original, unpublished and of their own authorship. Address the theme of the contest. The information they include on how to save for retirement must be truthful and positive. Requirements to participate: Be of legal age. Live in the Mexican Republic. Have a real and public profile on any of these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and / or Tik Tok Participants must meet all the established requirements.

What criteria will be taken into account?

Creativity Humor Realistic situation Spontaneity Originality Narrative

To be able to participate in the contest, those interested must send their projects from November 16 to 11:00 p.m. on November 29, 2020. All will be received by email, which is Only those who arrive at that address will be taken into account for the contest, in the subject of the mail they must put: Contest Registration « Thinking about retirement is a matter for young people. »

The email must include the following information in addition to the project:

Full name of the person participating in the contest. Age. Address A contact telephone number

If the video was published in any of the aforementioned social networks, the link must be included in the email to be able to locate it. It is important that you take into account that to participate in the contest you must send the email to Amafore, messages that arrive through social networks will not be taken into account.


Video Category:

First place: 80 thousand pesos Second place: 35 thousand pesos Third place: 15 thousand pesos

Category Meme or GIF:

First place: 10 thousand pesos Second place: 7,500 pesos Third place: 2,500 pesos

The names of the winners of both categories will be announced on December 2, 2020, during the Amafore Digital Meeting, in the same way the names will be published in the official accounts of Facebook and Twitter of Amafore, in addition to that an email will be sent to notify youth.

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