Content marketing platforms that your team can use

Content marketing is not only limited to the production of content for brands and companies.

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When it comes to the development of content marketing for brands or companies, the tasks are not only focused on the production of content, there are many other elements that must be taken into account and for which the support of specialized tools can be of great help. On this occasion, thinking about the teams that develop content, we highlight some platform options that can be of great help.

According to specialized entities on the subject, these are some of the platforms that marketing teams can consider to improve their content marketing strategies:


From the Influencer Marketing Hub it stands out that SEMRush is one of the best known platforms to leverage content marketing efforts. Through the tool, the entire flow of this strategy can be covered, from ideation to creation, through optimization and measurement. The objective with which it can be used is to walk teams to create executing strategies based on data from their respective audiences.

It is also possible to use the tool to plan content with great potential in terms of SEO as it allows you to find popular topics, headings and questions that can be used.


Shane Barker, a portal specialized in marketing issues, points out that one of the best options that marketing teams can turn to is StoryChief. This platform helps teams create, manage and publish content for multiple channels. It can also help integrate content from various platforms and distribute it better.

In addition, it allows you to create content calendars and plan publication schedules, while tracking and measuring the performance of materials in the different channels where it has appeared.


To explore topic options for content and find influencers to promote it, Buzzsumo may be the ideal platform to turn to. Through it, you can know things such as topics that are trending in the industry or what competitors are writing and how they promote it.

With the tool, you can find topics to write about, but you can also have insights to know which are the most shared stacks in spaces such as social networks.

Another of its functions are the analysis reports and content alerts to identify which ones mention the keywords that are of interest to a content marketing team.


Finally, from Neil Patel’s blog, the Red platform stands out, one that can be of great help to measure influence online.

And it is that when it comes to content marketing, as we already mentioned, there is more to do than simply producing pieces and waiting for people to consume them. Through Kred you can find and connect with influencers who can help with the dissemination of the materials, while allowing you to measure the influence of the brand or company, analyzing data such as activity on social platforms.

Knowing how online influence improves will give you a better idea of ​​how presence is driven along with content.

According to the source, this little sister can also be key to building credibility and trust, elements of great help for content because when people know who a brand or entity is, they will be more willing to click on the content and interact.