Passing a contact is very easy now that you can use WhatsApp. Before you wrote them down in an agenda, on paper and pen, but now the smartphone is in charge of managing how many people you have registered. But as we told you, the messaging apps help you have them all to send you a contact. WhatsApp will let you copy a contact with QR codes.

WhatsApp works on contacts by QR

There are many ways to transfer data between terminals, but all are reduced in sending the binary code. Zeros and ones, off or on or in this case black and white. This is the new WhatsApp function in a contact sending thanks to a QR code.

Thanks to the information revealed by WABetaInfo, we know that those in Menlo Park are working on a function to share contacts with the camera of your smartphone. This feature will allow you to send your information to another user who is physically close to you.

To use it, according to the online magazine, you will have this option activated from the options menu of the application. When you have all the features in front of you, a button will appear at the top right it will look like a QR button. When you press it you will have two options to take into account: the first is My code which will show you what the code that Facebook has assigned you as a user is like. In the second there will be the reading tool with which you can scan the code of another person that you have physically next to you.

It is not clear if it works with a photograph. We explain, instead of someone else sending you the contact that an acquaintance takes a photo of the code and then you can scan it. Yes, it is true that it is easier to use the option to send contact, but already thinking about it we do it with all the options.

The best of Messenger on WahtsApp

The arrival of WhatsApp QR codes it is a function that we will see in the future. Specifically, this feature has been seen in the version IOS 2.20,171, so users of an Android phone will have to wait to check its operation on these terminals. The truth is that it is a much faster and safer function than giving the number and writing it down in the mobile phone book. In addition, this function was already available in Facebook Messenger, so Menlo Park’s people are working on giving applications similar options to streamline processes such as a number exchange.