Contact: Fiat Tipo Cross 1.0 FireFly 100 CV

Fiat Tipo Cross test

Fiat He called us a few days ago to present two important updates to his range. On the one hand, there were changes, improvements and a new finish to the Panda, as we tell you here. And on the other hand, the Turinese brand took the opportunity to retouch its compact model, the Fiat Tipo, as well as to introduce a new, more country and adventurous finish in this model. This last novelty receives the denomination of Fiat Type Cross.

We recall that the Fiat Type debuted in 2016 as a compact, practical and economical model. We have tried it on many occasions and it has always seemed a recommendable product. It is available in the 5-door, 4-door and SW station wagon bodies, the most economical being the four-door saloon. The version Fiat Type Life starts from just 15,900 euros, with a 3-year warranty and maintenance.

But although there are changes and updates throughout the model range, this time we are going to focus mainly on the Fiat Type Cross. This crossover version is only available with the hatchback body, that is, the five-door.

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This is the exterior design of the new Fiat Tipo Cross

Fiat Tipo Cross rear

Fiat Tipo Cross rear

The entire Type range has introduced some subtle changes to look more modern. Above all, the introduction of the new fiat logo, the redesign of the front grill, as well as the new lighting, which can be full-LED.

I don’t want to forget to quote that main grid is active, closing after starting so that the engine soon reaches the optimum operating temperature. This improves engine life and reduces emissions.

The Italian brand says that with this Cross finish you reach a new audience that previously eluded them. It must be borne in mind that although it is not an SUV to use, the ground clearance rises by 37 millimeters, so we can circulate with a little more safety on tracks. For its part, the total height increases by 61 millimeters, since roof bars are also introduced.

As you can see from the images, it is easy to distinguish from the rest. The Fiat Tipo Cross comes with protections on the front and rear underbody, side skirts, new design of the more robust bumpers, 17 inch wheels, wheel arches with black protections and, in short, a more adventurous style.

Fiat Tipo Cross rear

Fiat Tipo Cross rear

For its part, in the passenger compartment it receives a new 7-inch digital and color instrument cluster, a central screen for the infotainment Uconnect optional up to 10.25 ”with Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto, gray-tone steering wheel and gear knob stitching, leather-trimmed door panels and automatic climate control.

Safety and equipment update

The Type range comes standard with important driver assistance systems. The four most noteworthy are lane keep assist with steering control, adaptive cruise control, signal recognition and a fatigue detector. All of this, as I say, as standard.

Optionally you can complete the equipment of ADAS with warning of presence in blind spot, automatic emergency braking and automatic change from low beam to high beam and vice versa.

And to top it off, although they are not driving assistants but systems that improve life on board, the new Type can carry wireless charger for mobile, front parking sensor, keyless opening and a rear USB socket, which were previously not available on this compact model.

Available engines

Fiat Type SW

Fiat Type SW

The Fiat Tipo 2021 can be configured with a gasoline and two diesel engines. The new mechanics of gasoline It is called 1.0 GSE T3 and belongs to the FireFly family. It’s basically a 1-liter turbocharged three-cylinder that gives 100 hp and 190 Nm at just 1,500 rpm, replacing the previous lazy atmospheric 1.4.

In section diesel two different blocks appear. On the one hand we have a 1.3 MultiJet of 95 hp and 200 Nm, while the top of the range is the 1.6 MultiJet, which develops 130 hp and up to 320 Nm of torque.

At the wheel with the 1.0 turbo gasoline 100 hp

In this brief presentation we were able to get behind the wheel of the Fiat Tipo for a few minutes, wandering around Madrid and driving along the ring roads. I already tell you, they were few kilometers and they did not give much either (not to assess consumption), but we can extract some first key ideas.

Fiat Tipo Cross test

Fiat Tipo Cross test

Just getting into the driving position now a more mature product is perceived. The look of the upholstery and the new materials make a better impression. This impression is even better when we look at the new central screen, but especially in the digital instrument cluster that carry the higher versions. It is not that it is one of the most curious, but if we compare it with the previous one it is much more attractive.

As for the driving itself, there are no major changes compared to the previous versions. Still a car easy to drive and comfortable. Despite what many may think, it gives a good feeling if we consider that it is one of the cheapest compacts on the market, if not the cheapest.

For this brief contact we have opted for the new gasoline engine, the 1.0 turbo three-cylinder 100 hp. Although practically all the routes have been urban and we have not been able to hit the road, the answer is more than enough to get around the city. He is willful, and highlights his good delivery from just before 2,000 rpm.

As is customary in Fiat, the feel of the steering and transmission is not too “emotional”. The steering hardly transmits information, while the touch of the change is somewhat rubbery, although it has given me the impression that less than in the predecessor versions. The most remarkable thing at the chassis level is the comfort it transmits to the occupants.

Fiat Type equipment (5-door version)


15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps Body-color bumpers Power mirrors Driver’s seat with height adjustment Steering wheel with height adjustment Rear split-back seats Front, side and curtain airbags Intelligent Speed ​​Assist Lane Assist Signal recognition Detector Fatigue Air conditioning Front electric windows Multifunction steering wheel with bluetooth and radio control USB port and 12V socket Puncture repair kit

City Life (adds)

16-inch steel wheels with hubcaps Headlights with LED daytime running lights 7-inch screen Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (wired) 3 rear headrests Cruise control Leather steering wheel and knob Power windows in all four windows Vanity mirrors in the parasols

City (adds to City Life)

16-inch alloy wheels Body-colored mirror caps Rear parking sensor Light and rain sensors Electrochromic interior rear view mirror Chrome grille Automatic climate control Front center armrest Front fog lights Power and heated mirrors LED taillights Instrument cluster with display 7 inch

City Sport (add to Life)

18-inch alloy wheels Black exterior accents Tinted glass Full LED headlights Automatic high beams Black grille, door handles, mirrors and pillars Sport logos Keyless access and start Reversing camera Front and rear parking sensors

City Cross (adds to City Life)

Cross Look Design Chrome logo Black mirrors Black wheel arches Black B-pillar Roof bars 17-inch alloy wheels Front center armrest LED taillights

Cross (adds to City Cross)

17-inch specific wheels Front fog lights Blacked-out windows Automatic Full LED headlights Automatic high beams Front and rear parking sensors Navigator with 7-inch display Instrument panel with 7-inch display Autonomous emergency braking Light and rain sensors Automatic climate control adaptive cruising Comfort Pack Front center armrest Electric and heated mirrors Rear USB Lumbar adjustment in driver’s seat

Official prices of the entire Fiat Tipo range

Prices Fiat Tipo Cross

Prices Fiat Tipo Cross

The following list shows the official prices without discounts or campaigns. In any case, it should be noted that there is now a brand campaign for which we can take home a Fiat Type in Life finish for only 15,900 euros, including a three-year warranty and as many maintenance included.

Body Finish Engine Price MSRP Engine Finish Price MSRP 5 doors 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Type € 19,600 5 doors 1.0 FireFly 100 CV City Life € 21,150 5 doors 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV City Life € 22,350 5 doors 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Life € 22,700 5 doors 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV Life € 23,850 5-door 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV Life € 24,850 5-door 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Sport € 24,200 5-door 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV Sport € 27,350 Cross 1.0 FireFly 100 CV City Cross € 22,700 Cross 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV City Cross € 23,850 Cross 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Cross € 24,250 Cross 1.3 MulitJet 95 CV Cross € 25,350 Cross 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV Cross € 27,400 Station Wagon 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Type € 21,150 Station Wagon 1.0 FireFly 100 CV City Life € 22,700 Station Wagon 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV City Life € 23,850 Station Wagon 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Life € 24,250 Station Wagon 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV Life € 25,350 Station Wagon 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV Life € 26,350 Station Wagon 1.0 FireFly 100 CV City Sport € 25,750 Station Wagon 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV City Sport € 28,850 4-door 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Type € 18,000 4-door 1.0 FireFly 100 CV City Life € 19,550 4-door 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV City Life € 20,800 4-door 1.0 FireFly 100 CV Life € 21,100 4-door 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV Life € 22,300 4-door 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV Life € 23,300

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