Consumer gives important lesson to Walmart, after reporting harassment

There is a proven ability on the part of brands, when they understand and solve common problems for consumers.

Through this empathy, it is possible to innovate in the market and thereby define tasks that help us understand the consumer.

Faced with these changes, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals how important consumption is, especially within commercial spaces such as Walmart.

The consumer is in constant need of adjustments, through which activities that are relevant to their consumer experience are defined, as has happened in a Walmart.

Given this experience, a series of elements are increasingly being patented, which undoubtedly reveal to us how necessary it is to understand the consumer again and not only that, to define guidelines that help us better understand the innovation that is generated through of practices increasingly suitable for consumption.

Faced with these situations, empathy with the consumer is key, but what is even more definitive is understanding the power that a brand has, when it takes an active role before a brand.

Compromised consumers

Consumer safety is critical in any commercial space and a complaint from a consumer on social networks establishes an opportunity for chains like Walmart to take an active role in countries like Mexico, where insecurity and attacks against women have become in serious trouble.

Through a post published by Gabriela García on Twitter, this user refers that inside a Walmart store where she was accompanying her mother, they began to be chased by a man, a situation that alarmed them, since they had to carry their purchases through the parking lot to the vehicle in which they were moving.

After realizing the incident, they alerted the person in charge of entering the store, only that he did not accompany them, so the safety of the pair of women was compromised.

Today the consumer is in a very vulnerable situation in Mexico, since the security conditions are not optimal, this being an opportunity for empathy with the consumer, who is increasingly valued by them.

Better security protocols and especially when they are aimed at women are a unique opportunity that brands have to think about, since the opportunity to create better shopping experiences will depend on it.

Security, key in consumption

For some time, various points of sale joined an interesting campaign in which they turned their stores into safe zones and free from violence, especially against women, who have become the main victims of these attacks.

This reconsidered the function of the stores and established guidelines that we cannot lose sight of, especially since very important work elements are established, before which we must remain attentive and active developing protocols that help the consumer to feel accompanied in their reality. , where the social agenda is constantly changing

To detail.

An interesting study conducted by the Association of Convenience Stores revealed that of the total number of convenience stores surveyed, 27 percent of them had experienced an increase in violence and physical abuse within their stores.

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