As part of Comic-Con in its home mode, the team behind the film Constantine has gathered to celebrate the 15th anniversary since the film premiered in theaters. Keanu Reeves, director Francis Lawrence and producer Akiva Goldsman presided over one of the most anticipated panels of this edition and along the way revealed some secrets like the details of a sequel in which Constantine would have known Jesus Christ.

Today Constantine is considered a cult movie among action fans and horror fans. Precisely this combination of genres was one of the issues that 15 years ago led Warner not to take so seriously a project that is now adored by audiences around the world. This was revealed by director Francis Lawrence.

«Our product was strange. It was a kind of action film, with terror and for that reason during that time our production was not located on the radar « , Lawrence explained when asked if during the filming Warner tried to establish differences between the shades of this film and Batman Begins, which was filmed at the same time.

Lawrence explained that after a first 25-minute composite screen test of previously edited footage, Warner executives were excited about the movie.

However, at the time of its release, the film was not very commercially successful, nor critically successful, so the idea of ​​one or more sequels was discarded at the time. Today the film has found a wide niche of fans who would go to theaters without problems to see a new adventure for the character.

Akiva Goldsman clarified that during the production and post-production of the film many times they chatted about a hypothetical sequel and there were even many ideas that still linger in their heads, so they could do it tomorrow if they could. One of these ideas was to show more of heaven, in the same way that in the film there are several visits to hell.

«We talked about it and we had ideas. I loved the idea of ​​‘what if [Constantine] to wake up in a cell, do you have to identify the prisoner? « Goldsman explains. « The idea of ​​the co-writer Frank Capello is that it was Jesus … yes, we had talked a lot about a sequel. »

Another issue that did not help the film achieve commercial success was its R-rating, despite Lawrence and his team trying hard to keep it on PG-13 at Warner’s direction. However, the film still received the adult rating and not for the intended reasons.

« Warner ruled on the cost that PG-13 had to be and we got a list with guidelines of what can be done and not what cannot be done, » recalls Lawrence. « We follow all the rules, like how many times you can say ‘fuck’, nudes, blood, violence, etc. And we found that within five minutes of starting the movie, the MPAA had already given us a strong R for the ‘tone’, something that was definitely not on the list. ”

Lawrence assures that all along they proceeded with the idea in mind of generating a PG-13 movie and that if they had known that the movie would still get the adult rating, then they would have made an R-shaped movie.

You can find out other details about Constantine’s meeting here.

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