Console, games and accessories packs on sale

We explore some of the most exciting offerings for the Sony console.

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

It may seem somewhat frivolous having its successor already among us, but PlayStation 4 is a console that still has a lot of war to fight; has been home to some of the most influential titles of this generationas well as the host of many of the most sought-after exclusives, so why wouldn’t many players want to enjoy it more? With this approach we wanted to bring some of the most interesting offers that we have been able to find in this week prior to Black Friday for the Sony console, with games, accessories, and various interesting packs.

Games on sale during the week of Black Friday on PS4

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

We begin with the soul of any system to play: the games themselves. There are a large number of titles on offer during these days throughout the countless purchase platforms that we can find, but to us, the ones that have most caught our attention today, November 20, have been the following:

Sekiro: Shadow die Twice for 29.90 euros (Original price 31.99 euros). It has been a month since we saw the current holder of the GOTY title below the 32 euros in which he has settled during this year. There is little to add to present it, it is one of the action titles of the generation, the result of the vision of Hideaka Miyazaki’s team and all the experience gathered after one of the most influential sagas of recent years. It is difficult, absorbing and a lot of fun.
Final Fantasy VII Remake for 39.90 euros (Original price 52.90 euros). Without being the absolute minimum to which we have had this Re-imagination of the PSX classic, this is one of the best price for which we can get one of the most important claims of the Sony console. This Re-imagination of the original FFVII disrupts its combat and its history to adapt it to a world that knows what happened in Midgar more than twenty years ago. This has earned him the love and hate of many, but it is still an impeccable production with an attractive proposal.
Doom Eternal (Exclusive Amazon Edition) for 19.99 euros (Original price Text euros). One of the game of the year candidates in this turbulent 2020, as well as a work that surpasses its predecessor in all respects, which was already a remarkable title during its launch. Single player FPS fans who have not yet enjoyed it have a golden opportunity with the current sale, which flirts with the minimum price we have seen this title at.
Control: Ultimate Edition for 26.95 euros (Original price 39.99 euros). The latest Remedy title very intelligently mixes the interactive action of a shooter in a closed environment in the third person, with the plots and mystery narratives that characterize the works of the company. This is its complete edition, with additional history for its DLC, and it is at an excellent price.
Ghost of Tsushima for 49.69 euros (Original price 69.99 euros). Without being the best price at which we have seen the journey of Jin Sakai, this open world title focused on combat and exploration is one of the last great exclusives for PlayStation 4, as well as one of the most enjoyable available console, both for its staging and for its worked environment, derived from its setting.
Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled for 22.90 euros (Original price 39.99 euros). This is one of the best prices at which we have been able to find this relaunch of one of the funniest arcade-style racing titles of its generation; Nitro Fueled is not only a facelift to the original CTR, but it also re-adapts many of its mechanics to make it a new and enjoyable title by today’s standards.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for 19.99 euros (Original price 34.95 euros). This spiritual successor to the mythical Castlevania: Symphony of the Night collects everything that made this adventure great in the 90s to offer a Re-imagination of its bases in an updated format from the hand of some of those responsible for the Castlevania of the era to which it refers.
The Last of Us Part II for 39.89 euros (Original price 69.99 euros). One of the most anticipated titles of the generation, as well as one of the Game of the Year nominees at this year’s Game Awards; the conclusion of the story that Joel and Ellie began has left very few players indifferent. This is one of their best prices so far, especially in digital format.
Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the year edition for 29.99 euros (Original price 49.99 euros). With Miles Morales swinging through the Sony consoles, it is worth remembering the title that serves as the beginning of his story. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the most interesting proposals around the superhero in blue tights in recent years, and this is its most complete version so far, and at a reduced price.

Accessories on sale during the week of Black Friday on PS4

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

Once we have seen the featured video games for the console, we go on to review the accessories for it, on sale, that have most caught our attention during this week prior to Black Friday; among which are articles from Sony itself, third-party accessories and all kinds of objects.

Steering wheel for Logitech G29 Driving Force simulation for 199 euros (Original price 239.99 euros). One of our favorite models within its range of accessories, both for being one of the best steering wheels that Logitech has available for the Sony console, and for being one of the models with the best integration for it.
PlayStation VR (Model ZVR2) + Camera + VR Worlds for 289.95 euros (Usual price 321.63 euros). Although we are not talking about an offer itself, it is relatively difficult to find this pack of accessories related to VR for the Sony console at a better price. This pack includes the virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR camera and the PlayStation Worlds title.
Sony Gold Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) for 69.95 euros (Original price 99.95 euros). This is the best price at which we have seen in recent weeks these Sony wireless headphones, ones that, without being spectacular, have excellent integration with the Sony console and take advantage of their configuration to take full advantage of the sound coming from it. .
Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller for 99.99 euros (Original price 158.43 euros). This interesting Thrustmaster remote control has a proprietary connection for the keypad and levers that allow you to change their position and distribution to places; In addition, it has additional buttons, excellent finishes and other extras that make it a good competition controller.
FlashFire wireless charging station for 27.86 euros (Original price 39.99 euros). This simple and convenient accessory allows us to charge our Dualshock 4 controller without the need for additional cables and in an autonomous way from the console itself, to always have our controller ready to fight.
Thumb Grip Pro Control adapter for 2 euros (Original price 3.80 euros). The low price at which we find this Gioteck adapter for Dualshock 4 more than justifies the usefulness that we can give them in certain genres, where additional stability or ease of acting on the lever can be crucial to give us victory. Be this the case, or simply enjoy the touch more, this accessory is at a great price.

Services on sale during the week of Black Friday on PS4

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

The services available to Sony for its PlayStation 4 are also on sale this week. The different months of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now can be found at a lower price, and in their virtual store they have several active promotions in this regard.

PlayStation Plus 12 Months for 44.95 euros (Regular price 59.99 euros). The Sony service necessary to enjoy the multiplayer of PS4, as well as the door to various advantages and promotions related to its different consoles. The 12-month subscription on offer is the most interesting proposition in our eyes.
PlayStation Now 12 Months for 44.99 euros (Previous price 59.99 euros). Similarly, we can find your PS Now service currently on sale; a service that stands out for the possibility of playing some classics from Sony systems.

Console packs on sale during the week of Black Friday on PS4

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

Closing this text, we want to highlight some of the console packs that we have been able to find at a good price, so that those who want to enter the ecosystem now, for whatever reason, see what is available; even despite not having active offers today, November 20.

PS4 Pro + Ghost of Tsushima console for 434.95 euros. This is the lowest price at which we have been able to find this pack, which includes the most powerful PlayStation 4 that Sony offers along with one of the great releases of the year for it.
Console PS4 Slim + Red Dead Redemption 2 + GTA V: Premium Edition for 349.99 euros. At a slightly lower price, this is one of the most interesting 1TB PS4 Slim-based packs we’ve found in stock, with two of Rockstar’s great works to accompany the console.
Console PS4 Slim Days of Play Limited Edition for 379 euros. Finally, and appealing to collectors who are fans of Sony hardware, the limited edition of its PS4 Slim, along with its two special controllers, has been seen by Amazon with a price somewhat lower than usual, which is around 399 euros.

Additional non-PlayStation 4 offers

The week of Black Friday 2020 sale on PS4: Console packs, games and accessories on sale

Again, and as we have done on some other occasion, during these days of promotions, offers and campaigns we add some additional ones at the end of our texts. On this occasion, these promotions come to us from Amazon, and we believe that some of them may be of general interest to our readers:

Free 30 days of Amazon Prime for new registrants. For those who have not yet been part of the Amazon Prime service and its advantages to buy in the famous digital marketplace, the first thirty days of this service are free for new registrants. After them, the usual rate of 36 euros per year will apply.
90 day trial for Prime Student. If you are a student, Prime Student is a reduced payment format for Amazon Prime that preserves the advantages of the original service at a slightly lower price. By identifying yourself as a student, you have a whopping 90 days of trial before embarking or not on the service, so we urge you to take a look if you are interested in the benefits of Amazon Prime.
3 months free of Amazon Music Unlimited. While users with Amazon Prime have immediate access to Amazon Music, those looking for something more have the Unlimited version of the service available, with unlimited access, direct compatibility with Alexa.

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