The officially confirmed decision on Tuesday to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to next year, in 2021, may have severe consequences for Spanish basketball. The new world champion was running as a great favorite and perceived the event as an opportunity to say goodbye in style to historical players like Pau Gasol. The Sant Boi player is not the only one who could have perceived this season’s Olympic event as a farewell to the national team, since many of the most representative national players far exceed thirty. The fact of playing it a year later may have some implications that we intend to review and analyze.

There is no doubt that the first and most important revolves around Pau Gasol. Currently without a team as he is recovering from a serious injury, it seemed that it would be very fair to arrive in Tokyo in good condition so this postponement can give him air. Pau can take recovery more calmly and consider the objective of arriving with options to compete in October or November, and may enroll in any team in the NBA to give him minutes. If he didn’t find opportunities, maybe it would be time to go back to FC Barcelona in case you want to play minutes to be of the game in the Spanish team. This is what everyone wants, although no one escapes that if there is no progress in the recovery, Gasol will have to give up playing the Olympic Games and hasten their withdrawal.

But he is not the only veteran. From the squad that was proclaimed world champion in China last summer, Sergi Lllul (he will arrive in Tokyo at 33 years old), Pau Ribas, with 34, Rudy Fernandez, with 36, Victor Claver, with 32, and Marc Gasol, at 36, they can perceive this change in the calendar as a disadvantage for it. And it is that no matter how good they are now, two more years at those ages can cause the peak of their performance to be left behind. An eventual summoned, as is Serge Ibaka, would appear at the event at the age of 32, while Ricky Rubio he would do it with 30. There is no doubt that he would be one of the oldest teams in the championship if they all decided to go.

However, you can also see the glass half full. It seems unfeasible to think that all those legends make up the team of Sergio Scariolo, and another year of margin for the growth of young people called to the generational relay can be very beneficial for it. Juancho Hernangómez, will arrive with 25 to Tokyo 2021 and his brother Willy Hernangómez with 27, and both will share the obligation to step forward. Also, rough diamonds like Carlos Alocen (he would arrive at 21 years old), Usman Garuba (with 19) or Santiago Aldama (with 20), they will have more options to be from the game and contribute many things to the team. Exciting squad who could put together the Spanish team in the Olympics Tokyo 2021 if you are able to combine experience and youth.