Everything is studied to the millimeter and almost any scenario is contemplated in the action protocol that the NBA to govern the operation of the bubble in orlando. Even the most unpleasant issues, such as those of players who, in one way or another, bypass the established quarantine to avoid infection, have a series of perfectly established repercussions. Bruno Caboclo and Rishaun Holmes They have been the first to skip the current measures and will have to face a cumbersome process that could detract from their money and sports leadership.

06/17/2020 12:06

Adam Silver and his team have submitted a document of more than 100 pages that includes protocols for crisis and preventive measures.

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It does not matter if the betrayal of the norm occurred deliberately or inadvertently, as seems to be the case for both players. Adam Silver and his team are aware of the need to be adamant and show very restrictive regulation. So, Houston rockets and Sacramento Kings They will lose their respective players until their situation is clarified and the process stipulated by the league is completed, consisting of a series of steps that are detailed below:

– 10 days quarantine in your hotel room. They may not go out under any circumstances or have contact with anyone. The food will be brought to them by a fully protected operator who will keep the safety distance and will be equipped with sanitary security measures.

– Performing PCR tests much more invasive than those usually performed on players. Consists of taking a sample from the nose are used, something that for many is very annoying but is considered more effective.

– The relevant training sessions will be lost. In the event that their quarantine had to be prolonged for testing positive, they could not participate in any party. Each official NBA duel that a player misses due to not respecting the quarantine, will mean losing the corresponding part of his salary. In addition, if the indiscipline occurs from June 30, with the NBA already underway, there will be an extra financial penalty.