Life can bring many surprises and those that the world coronavirus pandemic and its implications in the world of basketball are bringing us are unmatched. The postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympics the next year, 2021, they generate a restlessness in all the lovers of this sport before the apparent incompatibility with the future of the season NBA. And it is that the best league in the world is determined to finish the season this year, which could mean starting 2020/2021 later than expected. This would make the season last until August, overlapping with the dispute of the Olympic event, still pending dates but that everything indicates will be played between the end of July and the beginning of August.

U.S he had set out to regain the scepter of world basketball in these Games, trying to make up for the failure of the past World Cup. The great stars of the league were committed and Lebron James He faced what was expected to be his last great date wearing national colors. With this postponement, the King would arrive in Tokyo at the age of 36, just like Chris Paul, generating a certain amount of concern about whether at that age they will be willing to make an extra effort in case the calendar problem is solved. And it is that the only formulas so that the end of the season does not coincide with the Olympic Games, would be to limit the preseason a lot.

This would incur enormous physical and mental wear and tear for the players, the last thing they would need is to finish and go to another continent for a tournament as demanding as that of Tokyo 2021. Perhaps the two stars to whom this postponement has come best are Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry They will have time to fully recover from their injuries and could be made available to Gregg Popovich if the event supports the NBA. Also, young people like Zion Williamson or Ja Morant they would have accumulated one more year of experience and could apply to be part of a Dream team renovated.

Best stops come out picks Australia and Canada, that they were not going to be able to count this summer with stars like Ben Simmons, Tristan Thompson or Dwight Powell, and that with this postponement they see the light in their objective for being true alternatives to the power established by United States and Spain. We must not forget that the European team is also aware of many aspects that could be affected by this postponement, among which the decision it makes stands out. Pau Gasol. It will be necessary to be attentive to the evolution of this news for the Olympics Tokyo 2021.

03/24/2020 07:03

We analyze with what age some of the best will arrive as well as how this decision could influence the future of Pau Gasol and colleagues.

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