In August 2017 Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor They faced each other in a historic fight that had more expectation than action. The boxer, who had returned from retirement for that duel, prevailed by technical knockout against the mixed martial arts champion in a fight in which he never had a chance.

Although there were months of verbal crossings between the two, in which the Irishman maintained that he would win easily, he barely made it to the ring and in round 10 the referee stopped the actions so that the European did not continue to receive blows. This week, almost three years after that evening in Las Vegas, Nate Jones, one of the coaches of Mayweather He told some unknown anecdotes about the “Billion Dollar Fight.”

The former boxer was a friend of Money and after retiring in 2002 he began to prepare it. That’s why he was not only one of his coaches, but one of the people who knew him the most, which is why McGregor’s enrotno contacted him before the historic match. “Floyd doesn’t know, but I got a call from the McGregor people to work on his corner for that fight. They offered me $ 1.5 million, but I cut the call, ”Revealed on the boxing podcast, Rocky Road: Rewind.

The proposal was tempting, but Jones never hesitated.: “I said,‘ No, I’m not unfair that way. I don’t do things like that, that’s my friend ‘. He said, “You have to be one of the dumbest guys of all time, man.” And he hung up on me. Floyd does not know. I did not accept the offer, so I never considered it. But I will do it soon. ”

When the moment of truth came, and the protagonists were ready for the fight at the T-Mobile Arena, Jones realized that he had chosen the winning side: “When Floyd bandaged his hands, they sent someone to watch over us to make sure that I was not doing anything illegal, and vice versa. When McGregor wrapped his hands, we sent a representative who was me. I sat there and watched McGregor wrap his hands. AND I have never seen someone so nervous in my life. That’s the part of the fight that surprised me the most

Despite the verbal crossings, the preparation and the media show, the Irish fighter seemed to be scared according to Jones: “In the locker room preparing to fight, I was very shocked. He went to the bathroom six times. Six times. I thought, qué what’s wrong with this guy? ’I was really shocked by that fight.”

In the ring, Mayweather confirmed what was expected. His experience and champion titles were too much for a rival who was used to fighting in MMA but who had never been on a ring. The fight left the taste bitter for fans because it was seen as boxing and a lot of show but it made it clear that it is not easy for anyone to get into a ring, not even for a UFC star.