Conor McGregor: “He doesn’t know how to box, I’ll put a hundred thousand dollars that he can’t knock out Jake Paul”

Ryan Garcia knows that a match between Conor McGregor and Jake Paul would be striking, although he is very sure that the Irish fighter couldn’t knock out YouTuber, since he asserted he is not such a good boxer.

In an interview with SportsJOE, The WBC Interim Lightweight Champion discussed Conor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2017, and mentioned that his defeat was due to not knowing how to box.

People can say what they want. When I saw Conor fight Mayweather. Conor can’t box. He can’t box.

Despite your criticism, Garcia believes that if he accepts the challenge with Jake Paul it would be a more even fight.

If Conor were smart, He would ask Jake Paul to come into the Octagon with him. If you are the biggest star, you should because Conor is not that good of a fighter in my opinion. Can you make improvements? Of course, anyone can. How much can you? I do not know. He gets in the ring again with someone good, he is not going to win. It just isn’t. I think he and Jake Paul, if they bring the same fight that brought Floyd against Jake Paul, that’s more competitive, I promise you. “

Garcia’s statements went further and even He bet money that The Notorious couldn’t knock Jake out.

“I’ll put a hundred thousand dollars that he can’t knock out Jake Paul.” You can write it down right now. I’ll put a hundred thousand on that he can’t knock out Jake Paul. Will it beat you? Maybe. Although it will not knock him out.