Conor McGregor challenges Dustin Poirier to get in the center of the Octagon

There are three months until the third fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor at UFC 264. However, the Irishman says he is already preparing, and apparently they also begin their tactics to get into the opponent’s head.

Conor McGregor posted on Twitter a report of his work heading into the Poirier match. The Irishman assured that his work ethic for the trilogy would be similar to the one that led to his first UFC title.

“Double skills work. I also didn’t take days off unless absolutely necessary. Not one. Not even on a Sunday. He will take this approach again for my comeback fight. I did not become a double UFC champion with this method, but I did become a 145-pound champion. Also a double champion of Cage Warriors. “

Dustin Poirier did not seem particularly impressed by Conor McGregor’s plans and made it known to the Irishman, and to the whole world.

“I never give up, I’ll see you in the center of the Octagon on July 10.”

Poirier’s words seem simply to mean that he will be ready for the date. However, Conor took Dustin’s expression literally and took the opportunity to launch a subtle challenge.

“I’m glad to hear it, Dustin, I hope so. Since last time you backed off and looked for a takedown within the first 30 seconds. I will be in the center from the very beginning, if you want. You know it. This time I’ll also be ready for tactics. I see you in there. “

Poirier will enter the bout on a two-win streak and having won six of his last seven fights. For his part, McGregor will arrive with only three victories in his last six bouts. The Irishman has only stepped into the Octagon 3 times after becoming a double champion in November 2016.