When Conor McGregor speaks, does not leave anyone indifferent. And even less when he lists those he thinks are the best in MMA history.. A list in which it is included. But not as number one, although… Next we are going to see several publications that “The Notorious” recently made in Twitter about the greatest of all time.

In this first one, names Anderson Silva as number one and himself as number two. Although it indicates that they could also be tied. And he ensures that when his career ends, because he is still active, will be in first place.

For the Irish, Georges St-Pierre is the third best ever. He places him “far behind”, also commenting that some victory was questionable and that he only rose to middleweight to face “a one-eyed fighter” (Michael Bisping).

In fourth place is Jon Jones., “Perhaps tied with the third”. McGregor says he wants to play it safe by moving up to full weight but dodging his champion (Stipe Miocic).

Finally, Conor McGregor points out that not to talk about doping, “Although that places it as number one, clearly”.