connectivity solutions regardless of the size of your company

Currently, when these services have become more critical due to the coronavirus pandemic, various companies continue to bet on the implementation of the home office to take care of their workers. In this context, Bestel is the best ally mainly because it offers three constants to each of its customers: speed, stability and permanent availability; in such a way that all the collaborators of a company can operate from anywhere, safely and from the cloud with access to critical business applications that correspond to the level and functions of each employee.

Thanks to the robust connectivity service that Bestel offers, you and your workers will have certainty in the operation with the peace of mind of options ad hoc to the needs of the business:

Fixed internet. A reliable service that will always be available to facilitate any type of communication in business.
Mobile Internet. A 4.5 G LTE cellular network recognized as the most powerful in the country (which can be contracted in executive plans without forced deadlines).
Business Communications. This service offers you existing voice solutions for excellent business communication and collaboration.