Sure quarantined you have increased your level of multimedia consumptionIt is not that this is a bad thing, but rather that it responds to the need to spend time at home that we used to spend outside of it. Surely it has also happened to your neighbors, and some will probably bother others with high volumes and a lot of noise caused by music, movies, series or video games.

In any case, do not worry because it has a solution and it is simple, because good headphones will allow you to enjoy the best sound at home, with total freedom also if they are wireless, and being able to connect them without problems to both the mobile phone and the television or any other sound source.

Do you want to see how it is done and what options you have at an affordable price? Well stay with us because now we review it, so that no one tells you that your music is noise and you must turn it off …

There are many advantages to having wireless headphones, because their potential is so high that you can not only connect them to TV to listen to your movies and series with ease, isolating yourself perfectly from outside noise, but it is also possible to connect them to the mobile to take with you the best streaming music or answer calls directly without anyone bothering, and you can even invoke Google Assistant to ask him for anything.

If this seems little to you, the PC will also become a good friend of headphones, because when you play you can isolate yourself without disturbing your family while you shoot in Fortnite, and you can even listen to recipes and podcasts while doing your chores that in times of confinement they also multiply.

How to connect your wireless headphones to TV or other devices

Certainly It is not at all complicated to connect wireless headphones to any type of device, and perhaps its only downside lies in the need to charge them, since as they are not physically connected to any audio emitter, their operation requires a lithium battery that has to be recharged from time to time, from a few hours in true wireless in-ear headphones to a day or two in headband headphones.

All the options available on the market, or practically all, have physical controls such as buttons or touch surfaces that will help us to change songs, stop playing or answer calls, and it is these same controllers that will probably be used to enable Bluetooth search function from the headphones.

The manual of each device will indicate it accordingly, and In the settings of the smartphone or the TV you should look for the Bluetooth option to your new headphones, which with a press will be permanently linked. In addition, almost all wireless headphones on the market allow linking to multiple devices at the same time, so that changing them between one or the other is child’s play.

What headphones are compatible with my TV?

We already know that practically all smartphones have Bluetooth connectivity and full compatibility, so we will stop on televisions because here there is more fabric to cut and something to explain.

In fact, not all Smart TVs have Bluetooth so you should make sure that yours does have this type of connectivity. If you have it, it should be supports the A2DP protocol and have the codecs used audio, such as aptX or AAC.

If all that is positive, you can buy any of the three options that we show you right down here, and enough to pair both devices so you can enjoy movies, series or video games without disturbing anyone at home or in the neighborhood:

… and if your TV does not have Bluetooth, there are also options!

If the answer to the previous section is negative and your TV does not have Bluetooth connectivity do not worry because everything is not lost, and it is that in this fully connected world there are options for all tastes that also make it possible to provide a Smart TV with its relevant connection Bluetooth via BT receiver / transmitter quite inexpensive.

There are dozens of options in the main retailers, but as always we want to make your decision as easy as possible, so we have dived on Amazon to bring you three receivers with good quality / price ratio of three different types, which you can use for this purpose without any problem:

Definitely, a good way to avoid unnecessary arguments at home and inconvenience, economic and that will also allow you to isolate yourself from outside noise to enjoy more and better of your multimedia content or your phone calls.

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