The Conmebol announced on Wednesday a series of prohibitions for the matches of this year’s editions of the Copa Libertadores and the South American Cup, such as spitting on the court or kissing the ball, within the preventive measures before COVID-19 once it revive those competitions.

The specific provisions, approved during the Conmebol Council meeting, imply the prohibition to players and officials from “spitting and sweating their nose before, during and after the game in the competition area”, which includes the field of play and the substitutes bench.

Also, the prohibition is established for players and officials to “kiss the ball before, during and after the game,” as reported by Conmebol in a statement.

The measures also establish the obligation for players and officials to submit to temperature controls before each game, in addition to using individual bottles of water or isotonic drinks.

At the same time, it is forbidden to exchange or give away jerseys or other clothing with rivals or teammates of the same team or to any other person.

And the mandatory use of masks is established for the players and officials who are in the reserve bank.

The masks should also be used in the event that press conferences are held after games, said the entity, which set sanctions and fines of up to $ 200 for failing to comply with these regulations.

The regulation designed by the Council for this edition of the two tournaments contemplates the creation of a Medical Registry for the Control of Players and Officials, and based on the lists provided by the participating clubs.

The members of this Registry must submit to the COVID-19 test and according to the medical protocol of the Conmebol.

In turn, Conmebol may order additional COVID-19 tests prior to matches or during training.

Players and officials who refuse to undergo these tests will not be able to participate in Conmebol competitions, the agency added.

The coronavirus caused the temporary suspension of the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana and of the first two days of the qualifying round for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, which were to be held in late March.

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