Conmebol highlights decrease in positives and predominance of logistics personnel

06/25/2021 at 5:53 PM CEST


The rate of positives for Covid in the Copa América dropped from 1.7% at the start of the competition to 0.7% of today, with the majority of cases registered in outsourced logistics personnel, as reported this Friday by Conmebol.

For the highest authority in South American football, relegation is the “reflecting the high efficiency of the sanitary protocols applied“of the tournament, which takes place in Brazil from June 13 to July 10.

According to the comparative table of the Conmebol Medical Commission, on June 14, 53 positives were registered, on 3,045 samples, which represent 1.73% of the total, while five days later, with 15,235 tests, contagions were 140, 0.9% of the total

And this June 21, with 22,856 samples since the beginning of the Copa América, lThe positives were 166, “with which the incidence drops to 0.7%,” Conmebol said in a statement.

The entity stressed as relevant data that the “vast majority of positive cases correspond to outsourced personnel of logistical support in Brazil that had not yet been vaccinated for reasons unrelated “to Conmebol.

Likewise, the agency noted that “players are an absolute minority in the set of positives detected in the tests “and that many of them have already been “enabled for future meetings within the tournament after complying with the strict quarantine provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. “

The coronavirus incidence in Brazil it was criticized On the part of sectors, they opposed the celebration of the Copa América in that country, after Argentina and Colombia, designated to share headquarters, were left out.

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