Conicet denies that ivermectin works as a cure

Scientists Conicet they denied that the Ivermectin have a greater effect to vaccines in cases of coronavirus and came out at the crossroads of messages that circulate on whatsapp and other social networks, from the Twitter account « Science Anti-Fake News – COVID-19« .

For some time now, it has been circulating on social networks and messaging services, mainly Whatsapp, a series of publications and message chains that ensure that the drug popularly known as ivermectin « it works better than any vaccine. » Supposedly this drug not only would be able to prevent disease, as a vaccine would, it is also capable of cure infected people.

This medicine, which commonly used as an antiparasitic in people and animals, it is part of the « public health policy in many Argentine countries and provinces. » In addition, in these viralized messages several links to supposed studies that would back up those claims.

The experts were blunt: « Lhe results available so far are not sufficient to ensure that ivermectin is effective to prevent or treat COVID-19 « , they confirmed from the Twitter account dedicated to combating misinformation about the pandemic.

In the same thread they explained that a vaccination that is effective « trains the immune system to recognize and fight pathogens ». In this way, an « immunological memory » against viruses is generated and in the event of a possible contact the body will already have « weapons » to prevent it from infecting the person.

As opposed, a treatment with a drug such as ivermectin is « unable to generate that memory ». As a consequence, it would not be able to function when preventing contagion. On the other hand, although studies are currently being carried out to prove the effectiveness of this drug as a palliative of the disease, there are no conclusive studies that prove its effectiveness.

Similarly, the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) of the United States published in its frequently asked questions section a section dedicated to the possible use of ivermectin. His diagnosis was just as negative: « Additional tests are needed to determine if ivermectin may be appropriate to prevent or treat coronavirus or COVID-19, » they assured from the FDA.

Chlorine dioxide

Ivermectin is not the first drug to spread false news in which its supposed effectiveness against the coronavirus is assured. The best known case is that of chlorine dioxide. Its use is universally rejected by the medical and scientific community due to its high levels of toxicity for human consumption.

Ivermectin, its pharmacology

Ivermectin is a antiparasitic drug, with anti-inflammatory effects, It is used for a wide number of conditions. In January 2021, the debate about the use of this drug in COVID-19 intensified.

The antiviral effect of ivermectin was reported in an in vitro study and it immediately became a promising alternative, as its use became popular outside of clinical trials. A situation that has not been controlled so far. Since June 2020 and on several occasions, scientific organizations and associations such as the Pan American Health Organization, the Institute of Technological Evaluations in Health (IETS), the Colombian Association of Infectology, Excellencis Ecuador, and BITNavarra spoke out on the inconvenience of using ivermectin outside of clinical trials.

« It has become practically impossible to find enough individuals who have not consumed ivermectin to be recruited into clinical trials, especially in Latin America, » indicated a recent publication by the Femeba Foundation.