Congress, close to overthrowing the interim decree that divides the Government

Adriana Lastra (PSOE) and Gabriel Rufián (ERC), talking in Congress, in a file image. (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

Congress could overturn this Wednesday the decree law for the stabilization of temporary employment in the Public Administration, whose validation may finally be in the hands of the PP. What’s more, on the eve of the vote there is not even an agreement within the government itself, since Unidas Podemos has not decided on the vote, according to sources from this formation to Europa Press.

En Comú Podem’s own spokesperson, Aina Vidal, confirmed in the morning at a press conference that the negotiations with her partners were continuing to vote together on the decree and even shortly afterwards from this formation they advanced their support. However, late in the afternoon the leadership of the confederal group maintained that the negotiation was still open and that they had not yet made a decision on the direction of the vote of its 35 deputies.

Even recognizing “important elements of progress” to stabilize public employment, United We can regret the lack of “guarantees”, demanding that the tests are not eliminatory and that applicants can resort to the best grade achieved in the previous processes.

In any case, even with the ‘yes’ of the PSOE (120 deputies) and United We Can (35), the Government would be far from ensuring the survival of this decree, which is already in force, but if it is not validated it will decline. At the moment, the Government has tied the vote of Nueva Canarias and that of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), as reported to Europa Press from both formations.

On the side of ‘no’ there are currently Vox (52), Esquerra Republicana (13), Bildu (5), PDeCAT (4), Junts (4), the CUP (2), the Bloque Nacionalista Galego ( 1), Asturias Forum (1) and Canary Islands Coalition (1). A total of 83 ‘noes’, which could be joined by another two from Unión del Pueblo Navarro.

More Country-Equo-Los Verdes (2) and Compromís (1) can also go to this block, which are debated between rejection and abstention. From Teruel Existe (1) they are inclined to abstain, although they would seek to process the regulation as a draft law to modify it, which opens the door to possible support.

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Neither Citizens (9 deputies) nor the PNV (6) have spoken yet, claiming not to have it decided. However, their support would not be enough for the Government, in the event of adding the 155 votes of PSOE and UP, to guarantee success.

If things do not change, the Government would be in the hands of the PP, which could guarantee the survival of the decree with its abstention, even when United We can decide to distance itself from its partner and not support it.

ERC: “It looks bad”

“It looks bad,” summarized the spokesman for Esquerra Republicana, Gabriel Rufián, who considers “unfair” that a person who has been working for 30 years in the Administration should “compete” for a position with other opponents, and therefore believes that ” workers must be protected, whatever they are and whatever their condition ”.

“It is a very little consensual proposal. Nobody has called us and I know that many groups have not been called either. Right now, from our point of view, it is unacceptable “, he said, regretting that the Government continues” with the same manias and vices, thinking that it has an absolute majority. ” “It is a rather curious myopia,” he added.

His PDeCAT counterpart, Ferran Bel, has spoken in similar terms, who is also suspicious of the government’s offers to change the decree “at the last minute when the accounts don’t come out.” “Perhaps they will not come out even within the Government itself,” he mused, regretting in any case that the route proposed by the Government “is not a good decision for the local Administration.”

Bildu in the “no” and PNV to be decided

The Government does not even have the PNV vote yet tied (6 deputies), which despite the meeting held this Monday of the Euzkadi Buru Batzar (Party Executive Commission) has not decided its position, according to sources of this formation have informed Europa Press , which recognize contacts with the Executive to obtain their support.

From EH-Bildu (5 deputies) they also reject the decree for its content and the violation of powers, for which they demand changes. “If it remains as is and there are no changes, we will vote against,” they say from this group.

PP: “Let him call elections”

For her part, the PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has assured in this regard, given the difficulties to carry out the voting, that “it is clear that the Government is watering, it has very little future and path”.

“We will be responsible and act according to what we believe is good or not for the Spanish,” he added, after being asked about the vote of the ‘popular’, but without referring specifically to any of the four decrees that are submitted to a vote this Wednesday.

In any case, Gamarra has demanded the Government “not to negotiate with other elements that do not have to do with the content of the decrees”, since it considers that “it is being expensive, in terms of also weakening the State its parliamentary weakness.” “If you have so many difficulties to govern, what you have to do is put the ballot boxes,” he has settled.

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